April 15, 2010

Tibet Earthquake Emergency Relief

From Tibetfund.org,

We are very sad to report that hundreds have died and an estimated 10,000 mostly ethnic Tibetans were injured and left homeless in near-freezing temperatures in the aftermath of the earthquake that struck a sparsely populated region of Tibet in the early hours of April 14. More than 85 percent of the houses in Jiegu, a town of 100,000 people nearest the epicenter, were destroyed.

Because solid information is still emerging from officials working in the area, it is difficult to know how many remain buried in the rubble. Most of the people in the region are Tibetan herders and farmers who are in immediate need of shelter, medicine, clothing and other necessities.

As we offer our prayers for the victims and survivors, The Tibet Fund has established an Emergency Earthquake Relief Fund and is working to ensure that resources reach those most affected by the quake and through channels that will provide meaningful assistance, both in the near term and as people begin to rebuild their community.

To make a donation through The Tibet Fund please click here

Photo from phayul.com

A statement from the Dalai Lama.

A statement from the Karmapa.

Elephant Journal's excellent coverage.

A very compelling story in The New York Times.

Ger Lai Tan Zeng, a 20-year-old Buddhist monk, was the recorder of the dead, his graceful Tibetan script filling an old datebook. By Friday morning, he estimated there were 900 bodies spread across the brightly painted pavilion that normally functions as a seating area for the monks at his monastery. By contrast, the official government death toll was 791 as of Friday.

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SC's picture

E-mail from Tamdin, founder - Tibetan Village Project

"This morning we woke to 2 inches of fresh snow here in Xining; on the highway we heard there is up to 6 inches in places, and in Yushu it is cold, windy and miserable.

At 10 a.m. this morning Xining came to a standstill for three minutes in honor of the Yushu victims, and it sounded like everyone in town leaned on the horns. Looking out the window through light snow, butter lamps lit in the small shrine in the courtyard added a faint glow to two huge trucks being loaded with supplies - it was surreal and immensely sad. Tears flowed freely amongst our team here.

In Yushu, the team conducted more successful supply distributions and widened the range of our community assessments. There are now plenty of supplies for the next few days, so our shopping and packing team took a well-earned rest.

Tomorrow, they'll be back at it again..."

Tibetan Village Project (US based) is active in Yushu working with local NGO's to distribute aid to earthquake victims. Donate what you can NOW to www.tibetanvillageproject.org. It's super simple and goes STRAIGHT TO Yushu, where funder Tamdin Wangdu is aiding in the relief efforts. Visit www.yushuearthquakeresponse.org for relief updates. Blessings to all.

Jill Schneiderman's picture

Thank you for providing this badly needed information.

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thanks to Liz, Scott, Topsy.com, and Rev. Danny!

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I'll give what I can too. Metta, Scott.

liz smith's picture

I will do whatever i can to help....i just pray that the funds get to the needy and not sit somewhere in a great big heap held up by foreign issues!!! Good luck with the efforts, Tibetan Fund!! i would walk the food and supplies in by foot if i was able too!!!....i will send what i can in the way of cash this evening...my heart goes out to all....namaste.