January 04, 2010

What planet is Brit Hume living on?

The extent to which he can recover seems to me depends on his faith. He is said to be a Buddhist. I don't think that faith offers the kind of forgiveness and redemption that is offered by the Christian faith. My message to Tiger would, "Tiger, turn to the Christian faith and you can make a total recovery and be a great example to the world."

—Brit Hume on Tiger Woods

I'd say "Forgive him for he knows not what of what he speaks" but there's nothing to forgive and no one to forgive, and I've probably said too much already.

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Ron Krumpos's picture

Many people “drift away from their faith.” There are more Christian “drifters” than Buddhists because there are more Christians (2.5 million vs. 400 million…who does this counting?).
Infidelity has no religious boundaries. Stupidity is not limited to any faith. Regret is universal (the biggest regret is that they got caught).

serandall's picture

In Buddhism there is room for everything. In Hinduism, all avatars came from the same place.

bodhilens's picture

Brit is just being a "good" christian. That's what christians do, promote their faith and recruit more christians. It's part of the membership plan. What surprised me was that Brit Hume is a journalist and as such should not be expressing his opinions on such things publicly. Then someone told me he retired which I guess means the gloves are off and all topics are fair game for his opinions.

There is nothing to be offended about. Brit Hume was just doing his christian duty.

But The Daily Show take on this is hilarious!


Brit Hume Speaks out Against the Buddhist Faith « Buddhism's picture

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noone's picture

@Fidel Morfin

hope your religion works well for you and thank you for not being buddhist

toner's picture

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A's picture

Hilarious. As if Christians act any better than anyone else.

Kenny's picture

Brit Hume is conditioned by his traditions and beliefs that it has made him blind to truth. We as buddhists should not be so attached to his comments or even to the idea of being buddhists. If we get mad we just repeat the same action and reaction thats been done so many times when one feels offended. Live the teachings.

kirtu's picture

Mr. Hume reflects a kind of aggression common within a particular strain of Christianity. This form of conservative Christianity cuts through many different denominations in Christianity and can be seen in the US and also in many other countries. The fact is that generally evangelical Christianity (Mr. Hume's type of Christianity) is based on proselytizing and views itself as having exclusive access to true spirituality, as being solely beneficial and efficacious. Of course we can all be aggressive and even jingoistic at times and need to examine our own faults.

Travis's picture

Talk about defending Buddhism and Buddhists is silly, as there's nothing to defend and no one to defend. If anything, Brit is just as deluded as the rest of us, and needs our compassion and understanding even more.

It would be wonderful if Buddhists could take this bit of publicity and turn it into something positive by taking extra care to explain what Buddhism really is about, and how it can benefit people. Even Brit Hume by showing him our kindness and compassion.

Buddhist Jihad's picture

Passion, aggression, AND ignorance!


Brit Hume hits the Samsara Trifecta!

Ed's picture

Brit said something out of ignorance and hurt some people. I can definitely relate. I've done the same thing, even if I didn't have the misfortune to say it on a national television program. But the result was the same: something stupid was said, and people were hurt by it. So, in that respect, I guess I'm not really any different from Brit Hume at all.

Brit, I forgive you, and I hope you can forgive us.

John's picture

I highly recommend Thanissaro Bhikkhu's piece "Reconciliation, Right and Wrong" on the topic of forgiveness in Buddhism. http://www.accesstoinsight.org/lib/authors/thanissaro/reconciliation.html
Buddhists, know your scriptures, so that you can effectively rebut foolish, uninformed comments like those made by Mr. Hume.

Kinobi's picture

Let Woods be Woods,Hume be Hume. Can you see the moon in a dewdrop?

Jen's picture

Are we sure it's not a joke?

Not buying your holier than Brit BS's picture

What are all you money grubbing, sell-the-teachings, drunk on greed, judgmental yuppies complaining about? When was the last time YOU embodied the teachings? There isn't one of you who is whining here who would wash the destitute and filthy homeless, care for the impoverished, truly feed the hungry... What a bunch of cowards and hypocrites. You ARE Brit Hume. Get over your ignorant selves.

Sean Robsville's picture

Buddhist mindfulness meditation adopted by British health service as most effective tratment for depression http://seanrobsville.blogspot.com/2010/01/buddhist-mindfulness-meditatio...

Now didn't Jesus say something about judging a tree by its fruits?

Catherine C.'s picture

Let go and live by example. Sometimes when we repeat a story it takes on an entire life of its own.

Gyurme's picture

While Buddhism doesn't usually include talk of 'sin', there are the Three Poison, the countless obscurations, and general spiritual ignorance. Not the same as 'sin' but equally able to drag one to hell if not purified. If Hume knew or understood this about Buddhism, he might have held his tongue.

Mike's picture

There is no redemption because there is no such thing as sin.

mike's picture

Recover from what? Poor Brit.

Marti's picture

How embarrassing for Christianity to have Brit Hume as a spokes-person.

Moss's picture

Arguments against Buddhism: http://kwelos.tripod.com/argumentsagainstbuddhism.htm

Gyurme's picture

Won't it be great when Tiger finally does "recover"? He will be a "great example to the world" as a Buddhist.

Hume calls on Tiger Woods to be “a great example to the worl's picture

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BACarver's picture

Poor, poor Brit Hume. Ignorance is BLISS (I guess)....

Unforgiving Buddhists will Never Forgive Brit Hume. {Tiger W's picture

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Kyle Lovett's picture

Buddhists shouldn't be easy targets. Its time we took a stand against bigotry. No one would tolerate this kind of nonsense if Hume was talking about black people or Jewish people or the Muslim faith.

There is a time to be forgiving and then there is a time to defend yourself. I believe the latter in this case.

hadeveyra's picture

Fortunately for Brit Hume, Buddhists are very forgiving and tolerant of others' ignorance, and many practice non-violence. I guess that makes Buddhists an easy target for people like Hume.

Gyurme's picture

It's really kind of dumb for Hume to say something like this. It's just not true and he only shows his bias and intolerance toward a religion he obviously knows nothing about. Doesn't he realize he's putting down a lot of other people when he makes this kind of statement? Why on earth would he want to do that?

Of course Woods can turn his life around, and wouldn't need ANY religion to do that. Woods just needs to be honest and faith in himself and that he can do better.

Ellen's picture

Will Jesus cease to exist if people do not stand up for him?

Fidel Morfin's picture

We need more people to stand up for Jesus the way Brit did. Good job Brit; way to spread the GOOD NEWS of our LORD & SAVIOUS JESUS CHRIST.