December 10, 2009

Dalai Lama calls Obama's Nobel "a little early"

The Dalai Lama, who is still waiting for a chance to meet with the American President, calls the Nobel Peace prize award "a little early." Obama, in Norway to accept the prize now, might agree. The DL also expressed optimism about the environmental summit in Copenhagen.

The spiritual leader described Mr Obama as "young and energetic".

"I think the Nobel Peace Prize gives him more encouragement and also gives him more moral personal responsibility," he said.

President Obama declined to meet the Dalai Lama during a recent visit to Washington, with observers pointing out it may have been awkward to do so just before the President travelled to China.

But the Tibetan leader says he hopes to have a meeting with Mr Obama in the next few months.

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Bill Esterhaus's picture

In his acceptance speech, President Obama mentioned many previous worthy winners of the Nobel Peace Prize:

In part, this is because I am at the beginning, and not the end, of my labors on the world stage. Compared to some of the giants of history who've received this prize -- Schweitzer and King; Marshall and Mandela -- my accomplishments are slight.

Notice how Obama missed out the Dalai Lama? Even though the Dalai Lama likes to portray himself as a man of peace, the sad truth is he supports violence, and as well as being involved with the Tibetan Guerrilla movement and the CIA, was behind the violent riots in Tibet that coincided with the Olympic games in China last year.

Fred T's picture

Whatever happened to all the millions from the 'Free Tibet' Campaign, collected for a totally lost cause?

The Dalai Lama signed Tibet over to China in the 1950's. Knowing full well that he abandoned Tibet's sovereignty to China, he has lied to the world ever since, playing the part of the victim, the poor refugee, blaming China when it was HE who sealed Tibet's fate.

What a deceiver! Never trust a crooked politician hiding behind a spiritual mask!

Jangchub's picture

Dear Gyalpo,

You are right. There never was a Tibetan Liberation Army. They were called to Tibetan Resistance Fighters. Please visit the link Sarah added. Then explain to us how the Tibetan Resistance Fighters were nonviolent and how the Dalai Lama deserved the Nobel Peace Prize.

The New Kadampa Tradition uses its money to build Temple dedicated to world peace. Please provide evidence that NKT money goes to anything other than virtuous activities.

Here's another link that brings into question why the Dalai Lama won the Nobel Peace Prize:

Gyalpo's picture

Dear Sarah: "Tibetan Liberation Army"? No such entity ever. In fact, the exile Tibetan community does not even have one policeman even after 50 years! Contrast this with China which has 2,255,000 active military personnel, 8,000,000 reservists and around 3 and a half million paramilitary, not counting the police, WHOM, by the way murdered well over two hundred unarmed Tibetans in 2008 alone.
You really need to stop reading distorted cult websites for your information about Asia. Oh and by the way 100 odd thousand dollars a year from the US is hardly a large sum, in fact TGIE has run a deficit for many years trying to run schools, dispensaries, libraries and so forth, even the NKT fringe group's budget is in the millions (£9,235,306 income in 2004 alone) so don't try and snow us with your political bullshit. Of course WSS has a fanciful way with numbers_claiming millions of "hat dude" adherents...outrageous NKT lies for the gullible.

Namkhah's picture

Good comments, Chris.
I like people who are not afraid to speak, engage and don't think buddhism literally belongs in Euro-Disneyland. One person who probably speaks too much however is WSS cult supporter Thomas David Canada (quoted here from Maclean's magazine)–

Addressing a Tibetan:
”No wonder you lost your land, only cowards run away…………………….
Come on down and we’ll check your skin or better yet, We’ll just deport you back to China”

This good old boy is just proving the NKT/WSS online hoodlums are just old fashioned racist bigots, albeit with enhanced and expanded 'holy' egos.

Chris's picture

I was one to believe that this new "Energetic" Person that is our new president was about "CHANGE"? Where are the changes in the fact that he has decided to send 30,000 troops to Afganistan? What kind of "Change is this"? He is no better than BUSH!(My thoughts)! I really thought he was going to bring those Boys home, from Iraq and from the middle east in general! Accepting a Nobel Peace Prize is about PEACE isn't it???? I understand his speach, and I for one, think it was MUCH, MUCH, too early!!!!! He is obviously trying to please congress with sending more people to die in a war that will NEVER be won, not by us anyway! We need to step back and let nature take it's course, those people need help, but not the kind of help we're providing! As a Buddhist I believe in TRUE PEACE, within ourselves and within the world, but where is the NOBILITY in accepting a Nobel Peace prize, When there is no PEACE??????????????????????

Namkhah's picture

Where does NKT's money go? Political campaign, travel expenses, buying hotels!

Nov 10th, 2009
His Holiness the Dalai Lama donates Rs. 20 lakhs to Songma Tawang district hospital, Planted saplings at Yid-Ta-G-Choezin ground

His Holiness the Dalai Lama today inaugurated a district hospital here and donated Rs 20 lakh for its building on the second day of his visit to Arunachal Pradesh.The Dalai Lama inaugurated the Kahndo-Dowa Songma Tawang district hospital and consecrated a Buddhist statue at its entrance.

Later he visited the Yid-Ta-G-Choezin ground where he planted saplings and also distributed some of them among the thousands of devotees assembled there.Addressing the devotees, the 74-year-old Tibetan monk asked the younger generation to join monasteries to carry forward Buddha’s message of peace.

“Buddhist culture and tradition have to be preserved at every cost,” he said.Speaking on the occasion, Chief Minister Dorjee Kandu urged the people to preserve the Buddhist culture in this part of the country.

R. Donald Rollo's picture

Sarah: You tipped your hand, you are involved in mixing Dharma and politics. With millions of pounds at stake, no wonderthe pure NKT went on the warpath. Refer us to a non NKT cult website or reference such as that below:
Financial history from:

FYE 31 Dec 2008
INCOME £4,784,125
SPENDING £1,910,654

FYE 31 Dec 2007
INCOME £4,053,726
SPENDING £2,515,480

FYE 31 Dec 2006
INCOME £3,763,278
SPENDING £2,109,187

FYE 31 Dec 2005
INCOME £3,346,794
SPENDING £3,098,337

FYE 31 Dec 2004
INCOME £9,235,306
SPENDING £2,273,314

Sarah's picture

Just like Obama, the Dalai Lama won the Nobel Peace Prize while supporting war. He was involved with the Tibetan Liberation Army and received money from the CIA, as we know, although he denied it originally.

More information here:

No more mixing of Dharma and politics.

Jan Tarlin's picture

Now that we've heard Obama's Nobel speech, it's clear that the award was *much* too early. Sigh. (I'm one of those who were happy about the award when it was first made.)