December 09, 2009

NASCAR Buddhism

NASCAR You don't normally think of Buddhists as NASCAR fans, but why not? Arlynda Boyer, a lifelong NASCAR aficionado, has been practicing Buddhism for past 15 years. She tells Auto Racing Daily ("Where you get your auto racing news") that she sees plenty of similarities between the Buddha's teachings and the NASCAR lifestyle—both NASCAR drivers and Buddhists, she says, "have to live in the moment." She's even written a book about it: Buddha on the Backstretch: The Spiritual Wisdom of Driving 200mph.

If that's a little fast for you, though, you can take a few tips from Paul Conrad, a truck driver who gives us Buddhist rules for the road. Paul wrote about his dharmic driving for Tricycle in "On the Road."

The Buddhist rubber has met the road in Tricycle another time, too, this time in an interview with Hell's-Angel-turned-Buddhist James Veliskakis. Unlikely, but true. You can read "From Biker to Buddhist" here.

UPDATE: Read a short by Martine Batchelor on "Driving & Meditation."

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I see from the book cover that Ms Boyer and I seem to have the same saffron-robed bobble-monk on our dash. I installed mine with the idea that it would keep me from getting angry at "questionable" drivers and that worked- for a while.... Otherwise I try to use their emploits to remain mindful as opposed to the all too easily achieved road enrage. And of course to remain philosophical when I myself do something really thoughtless or stupid.

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