November 25, 2009

Accepting Imperfection

Any time we want life to be different than it is, we are caught in impatience. We lose our sense of humor; and self-pity, despair, and blame seep into the heart. Gentle forbearance includes the spirit of forgiveness. When we feel conflict with others, understanding their suffering is the first step in being able to communicate, forgive, and begin again. The practice of forgiveness happens when we are able to realize the underlying cause of our anger and impatience, and this allows us to distinguish between someone’s unskillful behavior and essential goodness. Serenity and calm develop as we learn to accept imperfection in others and ourselves.

-Michele McDonald, "Finding Patience," Tricycle, Summer 2004

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tenzin parkin's picture

thank you i have been reciting the Wheel of sharp weapons for many days ncluding the manra of the wrathful Yamantaka Calling my instant karma down on my head...and then passing some tricky dark nights of the soul. int he HImalayas where I live it is cold and dark, and bone chillling. your message ws a beacon of light. metta tenzin tsultrim

dan's picture

Thank you so very much.

DDR's picture

perfect imperfection?

AB's picture

A message I needed to see today more than any other day.

JM's picture

A message well worth repeating!
Thank you

Seiun Hosei's picture

Beautifuly said but if we accept everything as it is, where does the concept of "imperfect" come from? Gassho