October 15, 2007

Who Said What on Burma

Danny Fisher points us to the Buddhist Peace Fellowship's collection of statements on Burma, and also what Buddhist leaders Thich Nhat Hanh and Jack Kornfield said recently.

And for all the coffee fiends out there pouring their hard-earned money into the crowded coffers of Starbucks, Urban Monk shows the way to CoffeeTao, a blog on coffee and the politics thereof.

Peter of the Buddha Diaries spoke with Thanissaro Bhikkhu recently on pacifism and whether it was ever ok for a Buddhist to take up arms, and how this relates to Burma:

He was critical of those Burmese monks for stepping beyond that line in marching in the streets. The monk's true moral authority, he said, comes from the ability to turn his bowl upside down in a gesture that refuses alms--and the blessings and implicit approval that the donor can expect to receive in return. That gesture, in a Buddhist country like Thailand or Burma, is itself sufficient reproof and political protest. To march in the streets, as Than Geoff sees it, is to sacrifice a good part of that moral authority.

Ok, but for those of you who'd rather paint a monk's silhouette on a wall somewhere to raise awareness, there's a cool stencil template available from the Saffron Revolution blog.

Plus more beautiful pictures (and words) of Mongolia from Konchog of Dreaming of Danzan Ravjaa.

And lest we forget: News from the Democratic Voice of Burma.

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Anonymous's picture

Letter from Ajahn Sumedho

I am making a statement of support and sympathy for the heroic efforts of the Buddhist Monks, Nuns, Students, and all the Burmese Laypeople who are peacefully protesting against the injustice and oppression of the present government of Myanmar.

It is very confusing and distressing to witness a government which claims to respect the Buddhist religion react to a peaceful protest in such a violent and brutal way. I have always held the Sangha in Burma with great respect. I ask the present government to listen to the Sangha and to seek a way of reconciliation in accord with the Dhamma which will be for the welfare and happiness of all.

I send all my blessings to the peaceful protesters and my compassion to the Government of Myanmar which has strayed so far from the wisdom and compassion of the Lord Buddha.

yours in Dhamma

Venerable Ajahn Sumedho

29th September, 2007
Amaravati Buddhist Monastery
Hemel Hempstead, UK

This was also endorsed by all European Monastery's within the forest Sangha.

rod / theworsthorse's picture

no surprise, but your ongoing coverage is just fantastic. what a service you're doing!