October 05, 2009

"Touching Enlightenment," by Reggie Ray

After years of meditation, you may feel you're making very little progress. But the guide you may need has been with you all along: your body. Drawing on Tibetan Yogic practices, Reggie Ray takes on the modern crisis of disembodiment.

Read "Touching Enlightenment."

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Helen's picture

Apologies - I posted that too hastily and have found the info about the artist. Thank you.

Helen's picture

Can you tell us about the photo accompanying the Reggie Ray article, please? It's gorgeous, intriguing, maybe a little disturbing.

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[...] Tricycle » “Touching Enlightenment,” by Reggie Ray [...]

alan's picture

Proliferations and complications, what a piece of work is the mind...

mary fitzsimons's picture

ive always wondered about the earth touching gesture, and the tree,