September 28, 2009

Monks and Nuns Flee Bat Nha

Bad happenings at Bat Nha in Vietnam:

HANOI — Followers of one of the world's most influential Buddhist monks said on Monday they had fled their Vietnamese monastery after threats from unidentified people armed with hammers and batons.

More than 200 nuns left Bat Nha monastery for a pagoda in Lam Dong province where about 100 monks were staying after leaving Bat Nha a day earlier, said Nguyen Phuoc Loc, who is assisting the evacuees.

All are devotees of Thich Nhat Hanh, a French-based Zen monk, peace activist and confidant of slain US civil rights leader Martin Luther King.

Read the entire article, and see also the website of Thich Nhat Hanh's Plum Village for more information and to see how you can help.

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BlindRob's picture

Since the attacks were against a Thich Nhat Hahn peace-oriented group, is this some sort of indication that the current Vietnamese government has not abandoned all hopes and plans of military conquest in SE Asia?

Karen Harrison- Toronto Buddhist Peace Fellowship's picture

North American Buddhists should immediately organize across all traditions of Buddhism to show their concern and sadness over this terrible use of violence against young monastics in Vietnam. Like the violence used to suppress the Burmese monks in Burma, the Vietnamese government's use of violence must be internationally renounced.

I grieve for the young monastics who are currently missing and I work to provide support and care to those who have gone through this violence.