September 26, 2009

Facing Fear - Daily Dharma, September 26th, 2009

Eventually, we all need to be willing to face the deepest, darkest beliefs we have about ourselves. Only in this way can we come to know that they are only beliefs, and not the truth about who we are.

- Ezra Bayda, from “The Three Things We Fear Most,” Tricycle, Spring 2009

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Dean Pajevic's picture

Great article! Thanks. Design note: for readability, can you ad sub-heads to your articles, it makes them so much easier to read and keep your place in while reading.

joseph mc lean's picture

how true it is when it comes to facing our fears,i had years of trying to stay as far away as them in my mind as i could an it tortured me inside.i hide from them with drugs and medication but we have to one day just let our self,s come face to face and say enough is enough,no more do i fear anything no more i will not let mara rule the way i think"i am in controll now of my taughts love and happieness is all that matters and that will keep you at bay".
we only need to meditate on metta and reject fear when it try,s to consume us.we know that there is death in life so what is there to fear but fear it,s self.

Jan Plotkin's picture

Then what is the truth about ourselves? Who are we really?