September 21, 2009

More on the Biggest Buddha in the World

buddha, leshan, jeff watt

No, it's not the guy in front.

Some time ago I wrote about China's Leshan Buddha, in southern Sichuan, the "biggest Buddha in the world." One reader tipped us off to a video, which gives a better idea of the Buddha's size. Now,  Jeff Watt (Himalayan Art Resource) has posted a picture of himself in front of the famed rock sculpture. You can read more about the Leshan Buddha at "Jeff's Travels."

Since posting several weeks back, I've received more Leshan Buddha pix than I can post, but keep them coming, I enjoy them.

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James Shaheen's picture

Take a look at the video, Vern. It looks bigger there. But send us pix of giganta-Buddhas, we'll see.

We'll post a pic of a woman sitting on the toenail of the Leshan Buddha. Pretty impressive!

Vern's picture

I have to say - I seriously doubt that's the biggest Buddha in the world. I've seen a number of them here in Thailand that seem bigger. Hard to tell from the photo though! :)

B.B's picture

nice picture.