September 18, 2009

Praise and Blame

If we really stop to think about praise and criticism, we will see they do not have the least importance. Whether we receive praise or criticism is of no account. The only important thing is that we have a pure motivation, and let the law of cause and effect be our witness. If we are really honest, we can see that it makes no difference whether we receive praise and acclaim. The whole world might sing our praises, but if we have done something wrong, then we will still have to suffer the consequences for ourselves, and we cannot escape them. If we act only out of a pure motivation, all the beings of the three realms can criticize and rebuke us, but none of them will be able to cause us to suffer. According to the law of karma, each and every one of us must answer individually for our actions.

This is how we can put a stop to these kinds of thoughts altogether, by seeing how they are completely insubstantial, like dreams or magical illusions. When people praise us and we glow with delight, it is because we think that being praised is beneficial. But that is like thinking that there is some substance to a rainbow or a dream. However much benefit appears to accrue from praise and acclaim, actually there's none at all.

—The Dalai Lama, from “Bad Reputation ,” Tricycle, Summer 2007

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Reality what you say does not at all contradict with what the Daili Lama have sayd , Its the way things are generaly for the very most of us . I think he is pointing to something behind the target , maybe something we should go and have a look at .

May you be well , may you be happy .

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What you say is true... you win a cookie.

reality's picture

What a load of b.s. Anyone who has ever lead people knows that people want--no, NEED--to be recognized for their contributions. People work harder and are generally more productive when they feel they are appreciated. This is basic human nature, and it is true regardless of rather or not it is logical.

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LOVE this one! As an artist I really need to internalize it...