September 12, 2009

Focus Your Lens

Buddha of the FutureAction isn't a burden to be hoisted up and lugged around on our shoulders. It is something we are. The work we have to do can be seen as a kind of coming alive. More than some moral imperative, it's an awakening to our true nature, a releasing of our gifts. This flow-through of energy and ideas is at every moment directed by our choice. That's our role in it. We're like a lens that can focus, or a gate that can direct this flow through by schooling our intention. In each moment we can give it direction.

–Joanna Macy, from “Schooling Our Intention,” Tricycle, Winter 1993

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Isohlap's picture

All of us are part of an unfolding organic process. The question is not to act or not to act, the question ultimately comes down to do we accept being and all of its multifaceted forms or do we resist it. Accept the present moment and all that it entails, then all burdens will be known as blessings.