September 11, 2009

The Universe in a Single Spoon

Wash the dish. Totally. Hold nothing back. Feel the warmth of the water. Look at the reflection of the light on the surfaces of things. Let your fingers touch the sides of the knife blade, the flat of the spatula, the rim of the dishpan. Don’t think about things. These thoughts are merely distractions and diversions from what it is you’re really doing. Feel what you are actually holding in your hands. Feel the genuine energy of your body as it engages in this activity. Notice the different materials that your dishes and utensils are made from. Concentrate on simply washing, rinsing, and drying each spoon and plate, and you will begin to develop your own individual style of handling things. When you wash and dry a single spoon and give it your full attention, you are expressing care for the entire universe.

–Gary Thorp, from “The Dust Beyond the Cushion,” in the Fall 2002 edition of Tricycle

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Diane's picture

For some reason, it brought tears to my eyes. Probably the lack of spirituality I have been experiencing lately. I agree, thanks for the reminder.

Lori Wilson's picture

This reminds me of leading mindfulness kayak retreats in Alaska. When I was doing the dishes, I just did the dishes. That´s it. When I do the dishes today, I will just do the dishes. Thanks for the reminder!