September 08, 2009

Haiku Corner

The Tricycle Community Poetry Club is pleased to present our new Haiku Corner, led by Gary Gach, haiku teacher and author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Buddhism.

You can read and comment on others efforts, offer your own haiku, or get guidance from Gary and the others there.

You need to be a member of the Tricycle Community to visit, but it's easy to sign up, and best of all it's free.

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Kazunori   MURAKAMI's picture

Hello! Gary Goch! After I sent you some haikus, I registered in haiku corner. Now I found my haikus being above this space. I am a non-English speaking person, so I fear my English apts not to be right. My haikus above are ok? kaz

Kazunori   MURAKAMI's picture

Dear Mr.Gary Goch; I received your very nice postcard, March 13. I am interested in English HAIKU now. The latest ones are "the reflection of the clouds / in a few soap bubbles / shivering with March air " " closer to the cherry blossoms / a catterpillar sleeping / a sunny afternoon " "drooping as if combed / the willow branches / moonlit zen temple " "how often I would play tricks! / no more now / April fool's day " I would like to send you an airmail, too. Keep in touch. kaz(for short)

Claudia Chapline's picture

Dear Gary,
That was a beautiful reading last night at Sunset Poetry by the Bay.

shadow dancing
black on the fence, white in the air
butterfly samba

Claudia Chapline November 19, 2009

gary's picture

Thank you, Rick, Russell, Merrill Ann, Jan.

And don't be a stranger. Next time you're in the Tricycle universe, stop by the Haiku Corner. "What it is, is --> up to you."

palms joined

Rick's picture

Leaves begin to fall
Tricyle creates a space
To pour out our words

Merrill Ann Gonzales's picture

Unexpected delight today...coming across your link.

Russell Gonzaga's picture

This is fantastic! I'm very happy to see this addition to Tricycle. Gary is a wonderful writer and editor.

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gary gach's picture

day one very lively all day with plenty of haiku from all corners of the globe

thank you for opening up this space, tricycle

from behind the autumn wind blows me home
- issa

Jan Plotkin's picture

This is wonderful news! Thank you!

judih's picture