September 02, 2009

China & Tibet in happier times

chinese and tibetan art

China and Tibet have a very long history together (take a look here) but it hasn't always been so inharmonious. For instance, the artistic synergy between the two peoples has been impressive, and a new exhibit at the Museum of Fine Art proves it:

As each tradition interacted with the other, Chinese painters took from their Tibetan counterparts a fearlessness in use of color and composition, pushing at the boundaries of their more reserved styles," Scheier-Dolberg said. "Tibetan painters for their part, adopted flower, bird and landscape elements from Chinese art into their own compositions, infusing their fantastic visions with a sense of naturalism.


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david's picture

Personally, i haven't seen many Tibetan Thankas with flowers and birds you say ... taken from Chinese style.
Recently, we see that with more vivid landscape, but seems to be from western artists...