October 04, 2007

Keep Your Eyes on Burma

We can't look away. News today:

Junta sets terms for talk with opposition. This is good news. Talking is better than shooting. Without pressure the junta wouldn't have consented to anything.

Myanmar media lashes out at foreigners. Xenophobia serves tyrants well.

More arrests and climate of fear in Burma. Fear also works well for tyrants.

The inimitable Christopher Hitchens draws links between Beijing and the junta.

And "The Bulldog" will meet with Aun San Suu Kyi. Interesting to be a fly on the wall that speaks Burmese on that one.

And some links courtesy of Janet Gyatso and Charlie Hallisey, co-chairs of the Buddhism section of the American Academy of Religion:




Irrawaddy: Independent publication based in Chiang mai covering Burma

and South-east Asia from a Burmese perspective:






The Guardian: extensive coverage, with an archive of articles and

background pieces, plus a news blog. Sometimes has videos on its site






The BBC, also provides extensive coverage, with links to other sites

and to background information:






U.S. Campaign for Burma, an activist organization with links to various

news reports




- Philip Ryan, Web Editor

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