August 21, 2009


thailand buddhaAtop Corocovado mountain, in Rio de Janeiro's Sao Cristovão district, stands the famous open-armed Christ the Redeemer (Cristo Redentor), welcoming visitors to the "Marvelous City." Not quite so high but perhaps no less impressive (in spirit, at least) is Wat Phra That Khao Noi, a temple in northern Thailand, with its towering Buddha  keeping watch over the Nan valley. Its hilltop perch rises 800 feet above the town below.

Add a comment with a link to your favorite Buddha and we'll pick one to include in our next Buddhawatch post.

(This find was clipped from Calypso Island Chronicles' "photo of the week." CIC is the blog of Calypso Island Tours.)

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James Shaheen's picture

That's beautiful, m. heart! Thanks!

For those of you who haven't looked, when you click on the link, click on the image at the upper-left corner.

m. heart's picture

At the RISD Museum in Providence there is a twelfth-century wooden Dainichi Nyorai Buddha, the largest (about nine feet tall) seated Japanese figural sculpture in the United States. It sits in it's own peaceful gallery room. This statue was my introduction to Buddha — the first time I saw it I was a little girl on a field trip. I went back many times through my years in Providence to sit with him there.

Leslie's picture

A beautiful white Tara statue atop a hill in Ensenada, Mexico was a gift of peace and friendship from a Nepalese international cultural organization in 1993. Finding it was one of the most wonderful surprises of my life. A local bar owner told us we just had to see the city's goddess. What a delight to find that goddess was Tara!

I don't have digital versions of my own photos, but I found a mention from travelers Stephen-KarenConn on Virtual Tourist. The statue was clean and guarded by a young boy when I visited in 1995. How sad to see that it has since been covered with graffiti...

Link to image:

Link to Virtual Tourist page about it:

Eddie's picture

Here are 2 pics from my visit to Nan Tien Temple, the largest in the Southern Hemisphere: and

Renee Riemer's picture

Hello, I am very fond of reading the posts of Tricycle and so I send you my favourite Buddha (Khmer, Bayon style):

Greetings, Renee