October 02, 2007

U.N. Envoy meets with Myanmar Junta and Burmese Opposition Leader, Aung San Suu Kyi

U.N. special envoy Ibrahim Gambari met with the Myanmar junta supremo Than Shwe in the new capital of Nay Pyi Taw, then flew to Yangon (Rangoon) to meet with the detained Nobel prize winner.

Also, Burmese Catholics show support for the protesting monks, now held captive somewhere and being subjected to who knows what. Where are they?

Oh yeah, and the arcticice cap is shrinking so quickly even pessimistic scientists are flipped out. This is the kind of thing we'd have the luxury of spending research money on it if we weren't busy paying public servants to think of new ways to defend drunken mercenaries busy shooting Iraqi civilians.

Update: Here's the government of Myanmar's take on all this. Guess what they call the protesters (among other things)? That's right: terrorists.

- Philip Ryan, Webmaster

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bookbagwarrior's picture

As an academic, I have no interest in the Burmese problem in order to promote a person (Su Kyi), political party (Democracy for Burma), religion (Buddhism), country (US, UK, China etc), or corporation. My interest is in truth and justice. If the Burmese ambassador to the UN really wanted to have his accusations of "neo-colonial" conspiracy against his country ring with credibility...then TRANSPARENCY SHOULD BE NO ENEMY TO THEIR TRUTH. What makes him "incredible" is he makes these claims while allowing no opportunity for verification...so people like me who may be willing to give him an airing and put weight on neo-colonial and dependency theory arguments, find his claims without merit...

JL Sigman's picture

Thanks for the links, CNN.com is starting to fail us all on this tragedy, with Britney Spear's custody battle and Halle Barry's pregnancy pushing all trashes of this conflict off of the front page.