August 10, 2009

Tricycle's Fall issue now online!

Tricycle Fall 2009

The cool, crisp days of autumn may not be here yet, but Tricycle's Fall issue is! It's heading to store shelves, and subscribers' mailboxes, and is available online right now!

The cover shows a Rudolf Stingel sculpture of a Buddha at peace with many implements of the householder's life: a handheld mixer, scissors, a paint brush.

Here are some of the articles from this issue that you can read right now:

  • A meditator reflects on falling out of practice—and finding a way back.
    by Stephen Altschuler

  • Ani Choying Drolma, Nepal’s famous “singing nun,” speaks about childhood abuse, the joys of doing good, and her Top Ten hit as a recording artist.

  • Tricycle's Reviews Editor Joan Duncan Oliver speaks with Israeli filmmaker Nati Baratz, the director of Unmistaken Child.

And more! Take look at the Fall 2009 Tricycle.

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Ulla Zwicker's picture

... just picked up the fresh new Tricycle issue from the bookstore ... and, as always, will 'waste' some wonderful time lounging and reading (my favorite 'time-waster' anyway...) and, also as always, (even while feeding the magazine-junkie..) will be gently urged to 'stay on the path' - an invitation and reminder I certainly need every few months...!
Thanks Stephen Altschuler for some honest observations, thanks Tricycle for being a consistent 'intervention' for lapses in practice ... now on to the reading!