October 01, 2007

Stand with the Burmese Protesters

Sign this petition to show your support for the protesters in Burma.

Show your solidarity, from the U.S. Campaign for Burma

Sympathy protests in Japan. A Japanese journalist is said to have been killed by the junta -- will the Japanese government apply pressure? And the countries have the most influence over the junta seem reluctant to use it.

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Liam Keane's picture

I thought you might like to let your readers know about a group organizing on Facebook (the largest Burma group on the site).

Support the Monks' protest in Burma

As of this time, there are 256,590 members!

So far there are about 5,000 wall posts, 350 message board threads, 470 posted links, 35 uploaded videos, and 700 uploaded photos.

I would email you but don't see a contact link. Anyway, if you take a look at this maybe you could put it on the front page. Thanks!