August 03, 2009

Sickest Buddha Music Video

Is this video funny? Kinda. Offensive to Buddhists? Yes, some. Anyway, here it is. Looks like it was filmed at Spirit Rock. My sister lives near there.

UPDATE: This video has been removed. Anyone with information on why it was taken down should write in and let us know. My sister still lives near Spirit Rock. Or if she's moved she hasn't told me.

UPDATE 2: Here it is on

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Aria's picture

The reason he took it down given in the comment section:

"sorry folks. i had to take it down but it will be coming out with Arj Barker’s DVD in the fall of this year.
im glad it sparked so much conversation about WHAT buddhism is and what it is not.
We are working on a feature film with Arj Barker on the same subject and look forward to hearing back from the world about how it is received."

And I didn't get to see it. Any copy lurking around somewhere?