July 27, 2009

Feeding Your Demons

Feeding Your Demons Tricycle Andrew Guenther

We all have demons. They're not nasty ghouls or goblins or things with horns—they're worse. In "Feeding Your Demons," from the Summer 2008 Tricycle, Tsultrim Allione describes them this way:

Demons are our obsessions and fears, feelings of insecurity, chronic illnesses, or common problems like depression, anxiety, and addiction. Feeding our demons rather than fighting them may seem to contradict the conventional approach of attacking and attempting to eliminate that which assails us, but it turns out to be a remarkable alternative and an effective path to liberation from all dichotomies.

Read "Feeding Your Demons" to learn Tsultrim Allione's five steps for transforming these obstacles into allies.

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Oh gee, never mind, followed the link and there it was again.

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Wow - tell me about that illustration, please.