July 14, 2009

Buddha Swings?

Apparently, the story of the Buddha is now a musical—Big Band style. It's called Buddha Swings:

Young Prince Sidd has it all: wealth, youth, fame and family. He's introduced to the tune of "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" and later "I've Got a Gal in Kalamazoo," only he's a guy from Kapilivastu (tu-tu-tu-tu).

And this:

He tries various paths to spiritual enlightenment, and they all turn out to be another song and dance, literally. Possibly the best is the one about the quest for nirvana, to the tune of "Rum and Coca Cola."

If anyone's in San Antonio, please see it and tell us what's going on out there.

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sophie's picture

our two in-show newsreels are available for viewing on youtube, if you're not close enough to see the show.
search for "the hours parade by."

-from the cast

James Shaheen's picture

Send us the script! And thanks for responding--I knew someone in San Antonio would, and so much the better you're married to the playwright.

Inbal's picture

sound so cool is there any trailers of it?

Laurie Dietrich's picture

Saw it opening night (should mention the playwright is my husband). It's short, funny, moving in places - a light-hearted, unpretentious appreciation of Buddhist "basics" and a response of sorts to populist pieces like "Jesus Rocks", complete with swing dancing and parodies of big band numbers.

It's selling out, and the San Antonio Shambhala Center sangha, of which I am a member, is planning a sangha night out at the theater on Aug 8. Should be fun!

Thanh vi's picture

Wow i think i had too much cawfee - um what