May 21, 2009

Buddhism & Psychology podcast

Buddha PsychThe rapidly growing Interdependence Project has just announced its latest summer program: a 4-week series of classes on Buddhism and psychology, led by Joseph Loizzo, MD, PhD, and Miles Neale, PsyD, LMHC, both of the Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science. From the IDP website:

In this four part series, Drs. Loizzo and Neale of the Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science, present the Gradual Path using the language and theories of contemporary mind-body medicine, neuroscience and psychology. They will discuss how various schools of psychotherapy such as cognitive, dynamic, relational and Jungian map and compare along the stages of the Gradual Path. They will guide participants through various meditation practices including mindfulness, analytic contemplation and visualization, while discussing the neuro-psychological correlates of each technique. Finally, they will share their experience assimilating and applying the Tibetan mind science tradition in their own lives and well as with their patients suffering from addictions, compulsions, traumatic memories, destructive emotions, conflicted relationships, and blocks to intimacy and creativity.

Class Topics:

July 13 Reversing the Stress Cycle: Mindfulness and Cognitive Psychology

July 20 From Self-habit to Selflessness: Analytic Insight and Depth Psychology

July 27 Reparenting the World Through Love and Compassion: Lojong and Social Psychology

Aug. 3 Reinvisioning the World Through Sex, Death and Creativity: Tantra and Jung

The classes will take place live at the ID Project's NYC home, but you can listen to them online. Link here to find out how.

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