April 09, 2009

Economic downturn has psychological side effects

An article in today's New York Times surveys recent research on the psychological stressors of a dismal economy. 2009 has seen an increase in calls to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, and many are turning to medication and meditation. A related multimedia feature profiles a number of individuals struggling with economic anxiety.

Our upcoming "What Does Being a Buddhist Mean to You?" column in the Summer 09 issue will feature readers' responses to the economic meltdown. And look out for other economy-related discussions in the coming months at the online Tricycle Community.

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Rick Woods's picture

Stress management courses has brought many to the Dharma. Programs such as Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction which may be found at your local hospital can be quite helpful.

The unfortunate thing I have seen has been the cost of the program, which can be too costly for many people. But I would encourage anyone who thinks they may benefit from such a program to ask about a discount because the hospital may have grant funds that would benefit those people who just can't afford the cost of such a wonderful program.

I know because it helped me and to this day more than 12 years later the Dharma is present in my heart.