March 23, 2009

Brainwave at the RMA

Brainwave kicked off at the Rubin Museum of Art on February 27th with Tricycle editor James Shaheen interviewing Buddhist psychotherapist Mark Epstein. Upcoming participants include author Peter Matthiessen, scholar Donald S. Lopez, Jr., author Daniel Goleman, and meditation teacher Geoffrey Shugen Arnold. Tricycle: The Buddhist Review is one of the co-sponsors of this event.

This is the second Brainwave event RMA has put on. From their website:

RMA's second annual BRAINWAVE explores the intersection of mind and matter with nearly fifty different events, including discussions with some of the world's premier artists and neuroscientists.

The culmination of this year's activities is the world premiere of Sir John Tavener's monumental yet ephemeral Towards Silence on April 23, commissioned for BRAINWAVE by the Rubin Museum of Art.

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