March 05, 2009

Big Sit, Day 11

My turn to answer the door buzzer today. This is turning into a peculiar exercise: the hovering keisaku, an ever-present threat to our meditation. But a funny thing: it ended up being more of a threat to my seductive train of thought than anything else. Sitting back down after answering it, the elaborate fantasies of a few minutes ago were nowhere to be found (even if I had managed to pick up a few new ones along the way).

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Ed McShane's picture

A question:

Do people that meditate talk about their issues less? I mean, do they consult less frequently, talk about what's bothering them with their friends or therapist less often? Do they begin to rely on their own inner voice/feelings/vibe/sense/peace/je ne se quois instead of bouncing things off their buddies?

I've been doing the daily sit since the beginning. I'm not talking any less, yet anyway, but I'm pretty sure I could start trimming this down some. Thanks.

Zoju's picture

So grateful! Have been sitting every day. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!