February 28, 2009

The Big Sit, Day 6

Day 6 -- the weekend. Weekends are more difficult for me personally partly because I am in the extremely unusual (and fortunate) position of being able to sit at work! So my weekend sits are like most people's weekly sits... anyway, all went well. Hope everyone else had a nice first weekend sit as well!

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Robin Scanlon's picture

I love the support having this gives me. Thank you!

Lewis Richmond's picture

Although the Zen group I lead in Mill Valley, Ca is not isolated (Spirit Rock is just up the road), these days I'm trying to reach out to people who have not yet found dharma through their experience of aging. It's harder to sit as we get older, but there are other ways to cultivate the inner life, I feel. I like the idea of the Big Sit; maybe it can also be called Sit Big.

Bill Toth's picture

All is well here in Tennessee. We are Zen practitioners and contemplative Christians. The Big Sit is coincident with Lent (but will go much longer, of course). Our practice is very regular and having knowing this new Sangha is practicing along is helpful. Responding to Bobby..we (Cathy, my wife, and I) understand what it means to be detached from a physical practice community. There are few others here in the Knoxville area that we know about. We finished a small building as a zendo last year and host a small group. Our hope is to connect the disconnected. Tricycle is helping with this tremendously.

With gratitude.


Bobby Rivera's picture

I'm out here on my own. The closest sangha is 200 miles away and I'm too old to travel much anymore. It feels great to know that I'm not out here doing zazen on my own, thanks for The Big Sit. I feel like part of the family.