February 24, 2009

The Big Sit, Day 2

The sit in the Tricycle office was going well but everyone in the office was sitting so when the door buzzer buzzed, the person closest to the door (yours truly) had to get up and get what turned out to be the mail. So already a snag on Day 2! But I'll have a do-over later, after work. I hope everyone else's sitting is going well!

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Meditation Zeitgeist, Feb 25, 208 | Wildmind Buddhist Medita's picture

[...] The Big Sit, Day 2 [...]

Dave Jones's picture

Total beginner here, today was my first day. Needless to say the monkeys were running pretty wild. Hopefully tomorrow I can calm them/me down a little.

I am looking forward to the challenge and the learning experience.

Patrick O'Brien's picture

Not to worry, Pete-

Just take it as a reminder not to sit so close to the door...

Bring on day3!!

Philip Ryan's picture

Peter: Well, yes, wouldn't it be nice. But getting up and going down two flights of stairs and signing a postage due form is not following my vow to SIT twenty minutes a day. I'm sure you don't think much of my vow. And you imply things will go downhill if on Day Two I am supposed to be so good -- I think we'll get better. By Day 20 I won't get up even if the roof collapses and the sun turns off!

Peter's picture

Do over? A snag?

Why is a door bell buzzing not within the realm?

Where did you leave your umbrella?

Flag moves?

Wind moves?

Mind moves!

Day two and this is your best?

Kaaahhhhh !!!!


purejuice's picture

just started today and i think it's been perhaps 17 years since i sat for 20 minutes. sat peacefully for 25 today, having forgot to set the alarm.

William Harryman's picture

I saw that post - liked it a lot - sounds like the first couple of days here, getting back into the flow of sitting daily instead of whenever the mood strikes me

Philip Ryan's picture

Hi Bill, We're on Twitter (@tricyclemag) but don't make good use of it. Twitter is such a personal thing, even more than blogging somehow... On another note, a great post about the worst sit ever over at Buddha Diaries. Most sitters should relate!

William Harryman's picture

we're twittering the Big Sit on Twitter, hashtag #bigsit - would love to have the Tricycle folks join Twitter

day two is good - looking forward to re-establishing the habit of daily time on the cushion