February 23, 2009

The Big Sit, Day 1

The Big Sit starts today! If you're interested in challenging yourself to meditate every 90 days while enjoying the support of a community, this is the place for you! Thanks to all the bloggers who have kindly mentioned it:

- Danny Fisher

- The Buddhist Blog

- Joan Halifax Roshi (one of our Big Sit teachers!)

- Under the Moon Shadow

- Shaman Sun

- Chasing Wind mills, why not?

- Meditation in Movement

... and others. Thank you all, many bows.

We sat together in the Tricycle office today, not a rare occurrence by any means, but with a new determination to start a streak that will last 90 days! If you joined us, thank you, it's great to sit with you! If you haven't yet, please do --- you can join anytime. We have almost 3,000 members now, and they're having a blast on what one member called "a more dharmic Facbook."

Roshi Pat Enkyo O'Hara is giving weekly dharma talks on Dogen's Genjokoan. You can see the first here. You need to join the Community to watch, but it's easy, and you'll have fun, we promise. You're also free to embed the talk and spred the dharma on your blogs if you like, as below. We'll be posting a new talk by Enkyo Roshi every week throughout the 90 days.

Find more videos like this on the Tricycle Community

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Meditation in Movement's picture

Thanks for the shout out and for setting this up. I look forward to future Dharma talks and commentaries on the Genjokoan. I'm planning on doing a series of posts on the latter to help supplement my own practice, so thanks for bringing it to my attention. |o)

Nanette's picture

Thanks for providing this across net.

zendoc's picture

Count me in on this dharma adventure!

Phil Harris's picture

Here it is the 23 and the first time on this web site. Must be blind luck as no skill on my part. This should end my herky-jerky meditation habits. Thank you!!

Konchog's picture

I'll mention it as soon as I can figure out how to delete the rogue "h." That would send a different message entirely...

sue's picture

There are daily challenges, and mine is a technical challenge this day. My home computer freezes on the videos which seems a great loss. But I did hear the beginning tone and so my meditation does begin. Hope to more fully join you in the coming days. It is a wonderful unity.

shaman sun's picture

i'm honored to be referenced, and thank YOU for the big sit :)

sara's picture

thank you, Enkyo Roshi, for this wonderful sharing. It helps very much to "make real" the community aspect of this big sit experience.

thank you, everyone at Tricycle, for this opportunity.