February 20, 2009

Zen Litter Box

Why was this rejected?

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Philip Ryan's picture

"Restricted access" in this case just means you have to check a box saying you're 18 because some of the rejected cartoons have bad words in them. I didn't care to reproduce the cartoon here out of respect for the cartoonist because it is for sale. The picture is pretty much what the title of the post implies. It's "safe for work" in other words.

Phil Harris's picture


BlindRob's picture

Since I don't care to enter a possibly risque site from where I am, I guess I'll have to die without the illusion of knowing what this was all about

Khrystene's picture

I liked it.

rod at theworsthorse.com's picture
Frank Olinsky's picture


(Korean): traditional Zen belly shout; used to cut off discriminative thinking.

Doug's picture

Um, it's restricted access, sir. If it is what I think it is, then why was it rejected indeed?