February 02, 2009

Tibetan New Year cancellations; London arrests

London protestStudents for a Free Tibet reports that Tibetan exile groups worldwide will cancel celebrations for Tibetan New Year, or Losar, which falls this year on February 25th, in homage to the 200+ Tibetans killed in last year's demonstrations against the Chinese government.

Meanwhile, several protestors were arrested in London today after hundreds of demonstrators gathered at the Chinese embassy to protest a visit by Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao.

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R. Donald Rollo's picture

Dear WSS and NKT supporters: Human rights is universal, therefore please consider this footage, and the massive support from Communist China the Shugden cause is enjoying.


namkhah's picture

Tenzin, Change your name, you are doing Tibetan Buddhists a great disservice actively by spreading hateful fabrications on the Internet. I suggest you stick to something from the Anglo-Saxon culture in choosing your fake name.

Gyalpo's picture

Tenzin: The general populace, unlike the revisionist historian, weigh diverse accounts and come to their own impressions, rather than seeking factoids to construct a fictive narrative with a foregone conclusion. I gather your Dolgyal “historian” is the same person who created the chronology for the Shugden Society website– he has clearly distorted grotesquely even recent events–such as the cult murders in Dharamsala, which does not inspire confidence for speculating about an obscure 17th century ghost cult, particularly since manifestly poor linguistic knowledge largely excludes primary sources.

namkhah's picture

And why were NKT banned? Slander, gossip, speech unbecoming, spamming and illogical and ethnocentric rants...a total waste of time.

Tenzin's picture

The NKT have always shown themselves willing to debate on forums where that is permitted (and where they are not banned and censored and vilified by other Buddhists! e.g. E-Sangha). Take the Tricycle blog for example, there has been a lot of healthy discussion. So you are doing the NKT a great disservice to say they are not into free speech and you are talking nonsense to say their websites fit the definition of hate literature!! The NKT are perfectly willing to talk openly and honestly and their websites are written respectfully and intelligently.

Check out this new website by a Shugden practitioner (who is not NKT) -- it recovers the history of Dorje Shugden:

namkhah's picture

Thank you for your concern about the oppression of the Tibetan people. I hope this extends as well to the refugees in Darfur, for example, whom His Holiness has actively negoiated on behalf of (along with his colleague Desmond Tutu). Other appropriate objects of compassion would certainly be the people of Afghanistan and Iraq, all victims of geopolitics.

Speaking to to the object of your scorn, if NKT/WSS allowed for response to their many websites without censorship, in the manner of free speech, or had enough integrity to post their material honestly under their own names, at least that might engender some respect. However, WSS/NKT has mistakenly trod the KKK under-the-sheets path, a manifestation that they have already failed miserably. I don't agree contempt for WSS/NKT vicious slander and ignorance of Tibetan culture is ''completely unjustified" You do not appreciate the how offensive NKT/WSS websites are to an 'identifiable ethnic group', which is the definition of illegal hate literature in the country in which I reside (and I suspect yours also.) When Malcolm X was alive, he was considered harsh–but in retrospect, he told the historical truth and is respected for it.

compassionateone's picture

I feel compassion for the plight of the Tibetans, but namkhah's hate speech and prejudice against the NKT gets no points at all and is completely unjustified. It's sad and bitter.

namkhah's picture

This Losar, Tibetans will not celebrate (as in New Year’s party) due to the numerous killings of our brothers and sisters in Tibet. These are real human rights violations as opposed to the imaginary trumped-up charges of NKT/WSS. It was quite an eye-opener to note how callous these WSS cyberpunks were when presented with this evidence, I guess they need to meditate more on compassion and less on cult empire-building so they don’t have to work for a living. I know NKT basically can’t stand Tibetans, but their prejudice brainwashing has really gone beyond the pale.

Evidence of China’s treatment of Tibetans this past spring (2008):WARNING! Contains graphic images