This Precious Human Birth


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Beatlegal1969's picture

Thank you so much Mingyur Rinpoche for this teaching!

anitacarter's picture

Thank you and I will contemplate on my precious human life. Afterall, that is where are present is...

Philvfenty's picture

Appreciating this human birth, priceless. Always like his teachings and his style of speaking, calm and easy hope his time away will be beneficial to him and all sentient beings.'s picture

The "save video as MP4" link is not working on either of the talks of this retreat.

eror's picture

Wish that the sound was a little louder. i am relatively deaf and my little laptop has poor audio. But the talk itself was delightful and buoyed my spirits imeasurably. thank you

maureen0's picture

Sometimes the sound can be improved by using a set of headphones. It's worked for me

kpeterzen's picture

Thank you for this waft of brightness! I often forget to savor the basic simplicities of being alive- thank you!

jtruemper's picture

Beautiful simplicity! Simple appreciation/gratitude doesn't always come very easily, but getting to basic breath is sometimes the only place I can start. This teaching is a reminder similar to what my Mom would say at times: Remember who you are!

Letha's picture

Beautiful! This is something I can take with me every day. Recognizing samsara and having the courage to turn the mind is hard work but it's worth it to be free and happy.

SloanMls48's picture

This recording is not working properly. It keeps shutting off.

buddhajazz's picture

Yes. Lovely reminder of basics. Contemplation of being human, a good beginning to other "styles" of meditation. I often forget to include this in my sitting. II like his reference to "styles" of meditation. I have been in groups who have a specific focus/style and become teachy/preachy about the perfection of one style--this a problem within fundamental differences in western religions with each claiming its own perfection. A blend of styles has developed for me over time and worked more comfortably for me. After this video, I am warmed up to begin this morning, starting with the "contemplation of being human"....thank you sweet Buddha