To Study the Self


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ddineen's picture

Thank you for the clarity and usefulness of this teaching. I really enjoyed it.

noel white's picture

So clear and such a beautiful teaching.. Thank you,


leapyfrog's picture

Thank you so much. I cannot wait for next week, but I won't "fast-forward" :)

mhardin612's picture

Thank you!

ladyjane9's picture

Thank you very much for imparting your wisdom to me. I am out of work with a head injury and have restricted ability to drive and read. Hearing these important teachings calms my mind and discursive thoughts.
I agree that modern society overconnects us to events. Especially with this concussion, I feel like I am swimming in too much information, but not enough knowledge.

worthmoremusic's picture

Smile, breathe and go slowly....... ~Thich Nhat Hanh

Infinite thanks Roshi Enkyo O'Hara ! _/l\_

wmiller3's picture

Thank you

shin's picture

Met a wonderful grieving mother of 'no title/rank' last night. Not much education, just a very ordinary person. Her son was killed in an accident some weeks ago. The accident scene was so gruesome and horrific that most of the first reponders are undergoing ptsd debriefings. Her son loved his best friend and she treated the best friend as family. The best friend was driving. He lived. Her son died. Her ordinary heart of compassion says to forgive the surviving young man. Everyone surrounding her is saying that not only is that 'not normal' but it would be better for her to cultivate hatred and carry it with her. So she is confused by the call from 'normal society' and the voice of her own deepest nature. I hope she learns to listen to the quieter voice. May suffering diminish.

mralexander99's picture

Thank you thank you...I had already watched "Searching for Sugar Man" twice before viewing this and was moved by the quality of "Rodriguez's" presence and the depth of his music -- he is in the same league as Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen -- and yet was forgotten in America and unaware of his fame in South Africa -- but he turned out to be an ordinarily extraordinary human being full of compassion that was just a natural expression of his humanity...go figure?... How that "happens" is a mystery...and yet he conveyed an "intimacy" that he seemed to have with anyone who came in contact with him and also with his circumstances, which is NOT oriented towards "upward mobility"...BUT he exudes "The Brahma Vihara's" of equanimity, kindness, compassion and sympathetic joy in a ordinary marvelous! I loved how you "weaved and threaded" his story into a Dharma teaching that brought Dogen's message of "To Study the Self is to Forget the Self" as exactly how Rodriquez has been living his gives me goose pimple's just to appreciate him and you -- that warms me up and allows me to appreciate my own life and to become more intimate with it!

Rehn's picture

You have such an elegant way to getting to the heart of Zen. I so look forward to the rest of your retreat. Day in and day out--whether I feel like it our not--I sit on my cushion--shikantaza. Not easy without a teacher for guidence. But I do it without reason. I just do it.

myers_lloyd's picture

Dear Roshi,
I'm leaving tomorrow for a seven day sesshin. My teacher is irreplaceable.
And so are you.
A deep bow.

beckstein's picture

Just what I needed to hear today. Thank you Roshi. I particularly like the idea of taking 20 minutes a day FOR MYSELF. I will attempt it and see how it unfolds.

Pilgrim Rich's picture

Thank You ,for this plain English talk about the self,and today's really crazy image that the
modern society and media threw as normal,I am a former zen student ,that the formality and lack
explanation made me feel like a square peg trying to fit a round Zen hole. I look forward to
your future Talks .
Thank You

tmke's picture

Thank You!

andrew238's picture

Thank you, Roshi, for your beautiful talk... again. I have listened to your previous teachings on Tricycle many times and always learn a little more each time. I find your style so easy-going, yet profound. Every time a little 'Aha!' lightbulb blinks on and off again, leaving behind a warm, gentle glow inside. Thank you for sharing your insights. Bless you.

helenhaynes's picture

A bow to you Roshi, thinking it's time to come in to NYC and visit once again.

annimc0420's picture

It's wonderful to be able to hear Roshi via Tricycle again. Several years ago (2009)I believe, I listened to Roshi speak regarding Genjokoan on Tricycle while I was healing from surgery. Although I have searched this site and her home site, I have not been able to find this dharma talk which supports her current retreat beautifully. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.....thank you.

Emma Varvaloucas's picture

Hi animmc0420,
You don't mean this retreat, right?
If not, we'll try again to find the talk for you!
Emma V.

mlbalogh100's picture

Thank you, Roshi

Barbara Crowley's picture

You are reminding me of the teaching to be a "true person of no rank." What a relief.

Sarah11.11's picture

What a beautiful teaching, thank you so much. I am really looking forward to this retreat.

James Mullaney's picture

Thank you, Roshi. My sitting practice feels re-energized this morning after listening to your talk.

Anicca1956's picture

Thank you. It is very refreshing to hear the ordinary person acknowledged. Of which I am one. So many times in talks, retreats, books and articles it seems as if mainly professionals are being addressed and appreciated. I am just an ordinary person with a very ordinary job who feels that life is extraordinary for each and everyone.