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willoughbyacupuncture's picture

I took the time to come back to the beginning again today, this moment, now! So profound and complex and yet so simple. I am eternally grateful.

tina_mccoy's picture

Just found you! :-) Appreciate the explanation of the moment by moment process of breathing meditation. Now I understand what the movement of the breath means. This is true enlightenment. I will follow you. Thank You. With palms together - Namaste

sliotta's picture

Entering the paradigm is an effort. I live for the insights that I believe might be transformative. Though a tricycle member I have not yet accessed the retreats and tge films. I appreciate Tricycle. I cannot find a democratic/non hierarchical sangha in my community. Aspirants need teachers, so thanks. Sam

pathgirl's picture

Thank you Sharon and all the other participants. It is wonderful to be a part of this group. I really like the part where Sharon said, be with just this one breath. Just this one breath brings me to this very moment. I had recently finished the Joy of Living level 2 practice that the Tergar Institute offers and I recently read Thai Nhat Han's True Love. Within these practicesand the readings, there is a kindness and gentleness we offer ourselves in coming back without judgment, just coming back to the breath again and again. There is also an acceptance of ourselves just as we are. May we all remember to stay with the breath in practice and throughout our daily activities.'s picture

Thank you for this, I have recently been having a lot of trouble maintaining my focus and this was a very helpful talk that has gotten me back on my path

sceslow's picture

I found the substitution of the word "gathering" for concentration very helpful.

arialittlhous's picture

After not sitting much at all for years, a month ago I began a daily practice. I feel fortunate to have found this program; a little late and just on time. A.

indigomoonbc's picture

Thank you so much Sharon for this teaching! I saw this series last year and now that I've practiced meditation for one more year....I have changed so much in some ways. Listening to you today, there were so many things I didn't consciously catch last was if I had not seen this episode before. Your calm, centered presence is such a joy to be near. Thank you.

QuietRainDragon's picture

Haha! Thank you, Sharon! The way you explained that the moment we realize we've been away and we return to our focus, that THIS is "the practice"! Blew me away! It gave me a very powerful tool to keep working. Doggedness, I absolutely understand. "Behind our efforts, let there be found our efforts." This quote from an old story has been a personal guide of mine for many years about a whole raft of daily affairs. But, I never realized exactly how useful it could be as a set of training wheels specifically for meditation. Thank you thank you thank you. Gotta run now...gotta go breathe some more - now that I don't feel like a failure every ten seconds, I'm betting i'll practice more.

skh1958's picture

Wonderful way to begin. Again.

I am coming to this a couple days late. Are we still only able to view day one?

Emma Varvaloucas's picture

Hi skhergert, these video teachings from Sharon are being shown weekly throughout the month. So there will be another one on 2/11, 2/18, and 2/25. Over on the blog, we'll be posting daily about the 28-day meditation challenge. Here's some more info:
Hope you'll be joining us this month for the challenge!
-Emma V.

pwhite's picture

Thank you. I begin again. My day is transformed. For now.

Peter L. Albrecht's picture

"For now". And one of Sharon's points, I think, is that meditating is in a sense always "now".

bmw's picture

Your talk was very engaging and helpful. Gives me encouragement to keep working at it ...Thanks!

Daisymom's picture

Lovely and elegant in your teaching style. Feel calm listening to you. Thank you! Namaste.

CelticPurl's picture

Thank you Sharon. Beautiful description of the process of meditating...being gentle with ourselves. _/\_

wavekarma's picture

A very clear, natural intuitive approach to meditation and life. I will practice it.

RichardTuttle's picture

Calm abiding. Very gentle. Thank for the beginning of a good month. Namaste.

Stace's picture

Thank You Sharon,

That was one of the most simple, gentle, and precise introductions to meditation to which I have listened. I was encouraged by the instructions of gathering, centering, settling, and noting when the mind wanders as being the most important moment. I have been taught that meditation is two things: A practice and a state. Most people want to experience meditative states but give up on the moment to moment practice. With this instruction I feel renewed in my moment to moment practice.

All the best.

amybethbarr's picture

This was so helpful and they way Sharon explains things is gentle, simple and understandable. Many thanks. Peace and Joy...

nplantarich's picture

Thank you, Sharon. The way you speak is so calming, I wish I could meditate with you every day, You gave me another way to look at my distraction.-/\-

wen_gordon's picture

Very very nice and calm thank you :-)))

judymcdonald58's picture

Calm,gentle clear guidance..thank you Sharon. I am looking forward to this month of daily meditations

massrunner's picture

Every February, I am blessed and encouraged by this "Challenge". I call it an "Invitation" to peace of mind, to stillness, to self discovery, to wholeness, to rediscovering our own inherent goodness. Thank you, Sharon. and Tricycle. Hoping to see you and Stephen IRL at Kripalu as well this year, Sharon.
Hugs, Pete and Stephen

maryanngorman's picture

Thank you so much. I love the line about how the moment when we realize we've spun off is the practice, and is the moment we can change. Wonderful. I am looking forward to the month with you, Sharon and everyone else here.

boiester's picture

nice to do it with Sharon. Thank you.

Danzen's picture

Thanks Sharon, I`m back for my third year and i find it refreshing to hear your help in calming.Now days the brain is like a computer and to rewire to calm it down does take practice.Thanks again.

islgirlbpk's picture

I love the setting. It reminds me of a Vermeer painting....always a woman near a window with the light from the left side. AND I loved the simplicity of Sharon's words. She makes it easy to fall into the simple breath meditation and easier to carry with me throughout the day. Thank you so much.

Tharpa Pema's picture

Thank you, Tricycle and Sharon Salzman, for this online retreat. I don't have internet at home, so I view Tricycle during my lunch hour at work--in a law office! I meditate "live" with other people four days a week. Meditating online with you adds another dimension to my practice that I appreciate very much.

leigh's picture

I'm grateful to be a part of Commit to Sit and for your teachings, Sharon. This was such a helpful introduction to meditation for someone new to meditation and also for someone recommiting or revitalizing a practice. And as an aside, I thought the visual setting of this video was quite beautiful: the flowers, statue, sun softly streaming in against the brick, the color of your blouse. . . Unimportant, perhaps, but just so soothing and beautiful for the moments in the video.

slainte's picture

"Gathering all that scattered energy" would be wonderful during this 28 day retreat. Thank you for inspiration

mlbagley's picture

I appreciate the way in which Saron explains this. The use of words like: gathering, weaving, settling, healing, letting go, begin again -- happily received. This reinforces my practice which can get erratic at times. Sat for an additional 20 minutes and look forward (while staying present!) to sitting again later in the day. Thank you for this. Namaste.

Tobcaters's picture

Thank you for these teachings. They compliment and reinforce my current practice of shamatha.

Riverphile's picture

I never realized that I had the negative connotation associated with the word 'concentration'... after this I am going to associate it with steadiness or gathering. That makes it so much more accessible and workable to me. Thank you. Good day.

mebarnes65's picture

I felt the same way about the word 'concentration'. Now I replace it with the word 'centering '.

indigomoonbc's picture

Me too...very help for me to think of concentration that way...thank you Sharon :).

deborah.keehn's picture

Glad to have this teaching to support the 28-day meditation program.

seeeg's picture

Very clear, very helpful. I am about to let go of my decades long mantra meditation and follow these elegant suggestion.