The Six Paramitas


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charuramesh's picture

thanks a lot for the talk - very clear and nice definitions. looking forward to the next segment

mitaky's picture

Thank You Rinpoche. I have a little confusion. The third paramita word for forebearing patience is 'Khanti' although it sounded like 'Shanti' (means 'peace' in sanskrit). Also I understood the sixth paramita 'Prajña' (discerning wisdom and insight) has to do with the 'wisdom' in the 'Relative' that takes one to the other shore of the ultimate freedom and knowledge (Jñana) of unconditioned nirvana. Look forward to next teaching.

Kshantika's picture

Hi, khanti is the pali term for forbearing patience and ksanti is the same term in sanskrit.

Syrena Tancerz's picture

Thank you for this first week -- I find the entymology and expanded definitions very helpful in thinking about the 6 paramitas, particularly with "forebearing patience" (my latest personal challenge).

sandhya_luther's picture

The sound volume is very low, even with amplification...

dantian's picture

Merci Rinpoche pour ces enseignements sur les Paramitas. Ils sont pour moi comme l'encre dans l'encrier
et vous les illustrez très bien sur le tableau de mon cheminement par vos explications. Paix dans le dharma

luciejean's picture

I tried with all browsers: chrome, IE, Firefox. Latest version of flash. I see videos from a course I am following on another website. Would that be a problem of coding for the country? I am in Canada.

luciejean's picture

I get a black rectangle instead of a video to watch.

brenskaya's picture

Thank you so much Rinpoche for share the teachings through this video. Please Tricycle, there is some way for can download the video or al less the sound for listen those teachings offline?

Joanna Piacenza's picture


I'm glad you're enjoying the retreat! Unfortunately, these teachings are only available here on the Tricycle site. You can't download them for offline use. But they'll always be up on our site for your viewing pleasure!

All the best,

dpoake's picture

Could you make these videos downloadable for off line use? The bandwidth is so low where I connect (Namibia) the stops in the video are greater than the run time. I really need to download and not listen on line otherwise a 20 min teaching will take over an hour and a half.
Another option would be to produce a lower quality video and/or audio that would stream better where bandwidth is lacking. Possible?

pcthrpy's picture

Excellent overview, thank you so much. Looking forward to the rest of the retreat.

D. Anderson's picture

A good start for this handsome young Dharma teacher. Let's all wish him great success.

mattbard's picture

hmmmmm, you are doing good and one senses a formidable Rimpoche growing more and more. thank you very much for sharing on tricycle. thank you. matt

desoto2834's picture

Thank you for such an interesting lecture. I look forward to the next three weeks.

sodaa88's picture

Dana - Shila - Shanti - Vīrya - Dhyana - Prajña

Yes, got them all!
Thank you very much Rinpoche! May this retreat benefits all beings. <3.

dgenetin's picture

Thank you.

hmltngln's picture

Thank you for an awesome explanation of the 6 Paramita's. I think I understand them even better than I 'thought' I did before :)

sharonalu's picture

Thank you, Trinlay Rinpoche, for your time and knowledge.
It is wonderful to receive your teachings, and rare for such a serious Buddhist scholar to have both deep understanding along with the ability to express it so well in language we western students can understand. I look forward to continuing to follow your teaching.