May I Be Happy


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sharonshoemaker's picture

I find the teachings of nonviolent communication, as taught by Marshall Rosenberg, bring me to deep understandings; instead of thinking that "I take care of other people's needs but not my own", we realize everyone is always meeting needs. It may be we are meeting a need for "appreciation" or "safety"or "predictability" or "financial security" or "inclusion" when we think we are only meeting the needs of others. This understanding gives us the opportunity to change the needs we are meeting. Maybe we will choose to meet the need for "adventure" or "autonomy" instead of the ones we were meeting.'s picture

Cyndi, I love the presence you bring to your teaching. I really appreciate the personal, intimate,
clear, light, focused and caring way you teach. You seem pretty free of the "teacher" role, and yet, are a clear channel for the teaching.

I also love watching you move your body with presence. Even if there were no words, (and the words speak eloquently) you communicate
a connection to your body that is teaching me something precious and valuable. I love your at-home-ness in your body, how you inhabit it with ease, knowledge and a certain spaciousness.
It is inspiring me to take up yoga practice again, which sadly, I rebelled against for a while for various reasons.
Deeply grateful,

Cyndi Lee's picture

Hurray! I'm thrilled that you are going to take up yoga again. It's good good good for everybody. Take your time. Do what you can. Feel free to ask me anything about it. Warmest, Cyndi

saragldmn's picture

When is the next session?

Emma Varvaloucas's picture

It starts today!

Emma V.

coffeyhj's picture

Thank you for your straight forward teaching.... How can I get this to my daughter Colleen. She is one of your biggest fans but not a Tricycle subscriber. This would be a perfect DVD. I'll look at your book and look forward to your next lesson.


Shimanojoe's picture

Perhaps a gift subscription for your daughter?
Peace and blessings!

Cyndi Lee's picture

Thanks, HJC from Nashville. (Nashville is where I was born!) I will ask Tricycle about this but I don't know how else to get this material except by joining Tricycle. I think the cost of becoming a member is fairly equivalent to buying a DVD and if you are a member you can always watch this again and again, as well as other archived retreats and the new ones coming along. Maybe she would consider that? Anyway, I'm so so glad that you like the teaching. Best, Cyndi

marina_manning's picture

Have normal sound output for yoga part (fantastic, thank you), but still no sound for first half unless I fiddle with earphones and then very patchy. Absolutely no problem with any of the other retreats which makes it all the more puzzling. Have not had answer to my second direct query to tech dept yet. Thanks.

meganclar's picture

Thank you so much for this practice, it is exactly what I need. I only hope that I can remember it all after the month has passed. Thank you again-Namaste

Cyndi Lee's picture

You are so right that remembering to practice is one of the biggest challenges to developing yoga and meditation practice. I'm sure that Tricycle will be offering more awesome retreats and that is a way to keep inspired.

idaleung1's picture

I finally completed the recording and enjoyed it a lot. Would it be possible to download the meditation segment and yoga segment. I am a baby when it comes to practicing both parts and we are being asked to practice each segment about 5x/week. At this point my mind and body are not strong enough to do it without the video guidance. Otherwise, this is a great Jan new year retreat. Thanks so much!

Cyndi Lee's picture

Hi, You made me smile when you said you are a baby -- that's great! It is good to take baby steps with these practices. Take your time and get comfortable. So it is very fine to do less than 5x/week. Believe it or not, if you do each of these practices even 1x/week you will start to see some benefit. Twice would be really good and a great place to start. Feel free to create your own schedule and let the practices grow in your own time. Let me know how that works for you.


Cyndi Lee's picture

Hi everyone,

So glad to know that embedding the notion approach of caring for ourselves into the slow yoga is working for you. Please feel free to ask me any questions about how to do any of the movements or anything that might be unclear to you. I will be checking in to the retreat frequently.


Andrew Gladstone's picture

Update - We've replaced the video file which will hopefully solve all the technical issues.
Andrew G.

nagoonak's picture

Thank you!

L.I.R.S.R.'s picture

Thank you, Cyndi.

Cee's picture

Hi Cyndi, I really enjoyed the combination of sitting meditation and yoga. The movement really complements the stillness of sitting.
Sometimes I only have time for one or the other, even though it would be good to do them both in sequence.
Would it be possible to separate these two sessions into two distinct recordings? This would allow me to more easily do one of the two practices, then come back to the other at a different time in the day. I imagine that there are others who would appreciate this approach too.

Thank you for the wonderful sessions.

Cyndi Lee's picture

Hi Catherine,
I'm not sure if the technical ability to create two separate recordings exist, but you can definitely do these two parts -- sitting and moving -- in two sessions. I think you can pause the recording and come back to it later.

So glad you are enjoying it.

Andrew Gladstone's picture

Hi Catherine,
Although that is a good idea, the videos have already been made that way because the yoga is supposed to supplement the meditation. If you need to break up your practices, you can pause the player and come back to it, or drag the player-head along the video to find the yoga section.
Hope this helps!

-Andrew G.

coffeyhj's picture

I got to the very end and the yoga session seemed to end 40 seconds or a minute too soon. Rest was perfect
Thank you

Barbara.maddigan's picture

I was able to get to 19:53 when the feed stalled for me. I'm feeling very relaxed, but wish I could have seen more ;)

clocke347's picture

I got to 19:56 two days in a row. It would be helpful to know what times of day the lines aren't

nagoonak's picture

Same problem here--at exactly 19:53.

Emma Varvaloucas's picture

Hi Barbara,
It might be a buffering problem, or the site we run our videos through, Vimeo, might be overloaded. I'd encourage you to try again later!
Emma V.

Cee's picture

Thank you! I am 7 months pregnant and feeling stresses that take me way from my centre and my body. This is just what I needed. Namaste

littenberg's picture

Both parts of the retreat were perfect for this beginner.
I especially appreciated the slow yoga, without too many changes!
Thank you.

debbyhoward's picture

Thank you so much for this. I love the combination of gentle movement with mindfulness. It feels luck such a gift.

indigomoonbc's picture

Thanks so much for this retreat - perfect timing for me :)

Marys's picture

Beautiful...couldn't be happening at a better time!

jenny0's picture

just worked great for me, although the sound in the yoga part is a bit low volumed.

katyyelland's picture

It worked fine for me. Lovely talk - really relevant for me right now. Thanks!

shmullan's picture

trouble as well- not only with sound and at different times in the talk.

Emma Varvaloucas's picture

Hi Everyone,
The sound is working fine on our end. There might be a problem with your Internet connection (is it typically slow? Has the video buffered?). It also might be that the site we stream our videos from, Vimeo, is currently overloaded. If you're having problems, try refreshing your browser or trying again later. If that doesn't help, please email our support services at or call them at 1-800-873-9871. They will be able to help you individually.
Our apologies, and we hope you can watch the retreat soon!
Emma V.

kateyschultz's picture

Likewise - problems with choppy sound.

idaleung1's picture

I get sound but it seems stuck around 18 min. Will
Try again later.

marina_manning's picture

seems to be a problem with the sound on this one. I don't think it's me as I can get sound from the other retreats.