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Peter L. Albrecht's picture

Anne, I took your suggestion to work with the immeasurables, one at a time, over a period of weeks, and I focused on equanimity from mid-August until a day or two ago. What a wonderful suggestion! I noted earlier that there was a lot of "judge...judge...judge". Then that seemed to lessen. And I found that the next obstacle or objection to equanimity was I was not in charge: whoever "I" is wants to run the show. But if I'm running the show, then I'm responsible for everything, and there's no way to be equanimous if I'm responsible. It brought to mind the ultimate temptation in the Garden of Eden story: "you'll know everything and be gods". What an ego trip! And what a trap!

Peter L. Albrecht's picture

Thank you. I've listened to this initial talk three times now, twice with the transcript before me, for I'm a bit deaf. Shortly after the first listening, one of my sons died of a sudden heart attack. My family is divided, geographically and, more important, emotionally by divorce long ago, and - talking about people in the room with whom you don't want to talk! - I feel strong forces of reactivity. Your words have been, continue to be, an enormous help to me in making myself pause, not leap in response to reactivity, honoring the grief of others, not judging their responses to grief.
So thank you.

ack's picture

Peter, I'm sorry for your very great loss.
And touched you are able to bring these teachings into your
life when it matters. It sounds you have some space in the midst of a tremendous challenge. This is the best a practitioner can do.

Anne Rigzin Drolma

Peter L. Albrecht's picture

Following the death of my son, some mornings are better than others. This morning was a hard one. Making our morning tea to take back up to bed, I was listening to a program, “On Being”, on NPR. The person being interviewed cracked a joke, audience laughter. Instant reaction: "I don’t like this program!" Almost instantly, judgment: “This program is stupid, bad, in bad taste”. Next, to myself: “Slow down, Peter. Breathe.... Oh … wait a minute … I don’t like this program right now … it’s not about the program ... it's about me .... " Solution: turn off radio. As to the program, it’s neither good nor bad. It simply is.
Thank you again, Anne.

sandhya_luther's picture

I too connected with her as a teacher, which hasn't happened for a long, long time. Very direct. Thank you! Look forward to the retreat.

ack's picture

Greetings Everyone--

Thanks to you all who are listening. These teachings are timeless and timely, as you say.
May we all open to them completely, continuously.

Anne Rigzin Drolma

earth2indy's picture

This was right on time......and timeless. thank you.

Katarina Fischer's picture

From the depth of my heart, thank you. Lovely, inspiring, true.

ack's picture

Thank you. Please continue! Anne Rigzin Drolma

richd101's picture

Thank you for this wonderful teaching. It goes to the heart of my practice. " The four boundless states" are sometimes referred to as the "Four immeasurables". I use this prayer:
May I be free from preference and prejudice.
May I know things just as they are.
May I experience the world knowing me just as I am. May I see into whatever arises.
Loving kindness
May I be happy, well, and at peace.
May I open to things just as they are.
May I experience the world opening to me just as I am. May I welcome whatever arises.
May I be free of suffering, harm, and disturbance. May I accept things just as they are.
May I experience the world accepting me just as I am. May I serve whatever arises.
May I enjoy the activities of life itself.
May I enjoy things just as they are.
May I experience the world taking joy in all that I do. May I know what to do whatever arises.

janinehills1's picture

What a divine teacher. I feel more connected with this teacher than I ever have before. Is this "unequanimous"?

oliverhow's picture

Thank you for this beautiful, beautiful teaching. It reminds me of a saying that has been with me for years and years, "simplicity is the key to clarity.....clarity is the door that opens onto understanding."