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Tricycle/Summer 2008

Volume 17, Number 4

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  • Tricycle asks seventeen practitioners: What in Buddhism have you changed your mind about, and why?
  • Parkinson’s disease has offered artist Michael Sawyer a rare path to freedom.
    Zenshin Florence Caplow
  • On a camping trip many years ago, Sandy Boucher faced fear head on.
    Sandy Boucher
  • As a teenager sour on flower power, Jaimal Yogis sought authenticity at an orthodox Chinese monastery.
    Jaimal Yogis
  • Marshall Glickman learns how to listen on an Insight Dialogue retreat.
    Marshall Glickman

dharma talk

  • The path doesn’t save all its pleasure for the end. You can enjoy it now.
    Thanissaro Bhikkhu

on language

thus have i heard

on relationships

  • Relationships won't solve our problems, but they can help us grow.
    Barry Magid

editors view

how we live

  • James Tu’s Zen Burger offers fast food that’s better for you, better for the earth.
    Joan Duncan Oliver

give & take

  • Grammy-nominated Tibetan composer and musician Nawang Khechog chats with Tricycle’s Mark Matousek.


  • Tricycle chats with teacher Jack Kornfield about Buddhist psychology, everyday nirvana, and what all religions have in common.

on practice

  • Five steps to transforming your obstacles—your addictions, anxieties, and fears—into tranquility and wisdom, from Tsultrim Allione.
    Tsultrim Allione

parting words


  • Artist and author Lynda Barry on the power of the paintbrush
    Lynda Barry