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Tricycle/Spring 2016 Vol. 25, Num. 3

Featured in this issue:

Buddhism’s Higher Power Hannah Tennant-Moore Paid Member

Is there a place for prayer in our practice? For this practitioner, the answer is an unequivocal yes—and a place for God, too.

Does Mindfulness Belong in Public Schools? Responses by Candy Gunther Brown and Saki Santorelli

Two views

Eddies in the Roaring Stream Leath Tonino Paid Member

Mornings with Zen masters

Far from Home Henry Shukman Paid Member

Not-knowing is most intimate.

In the End Douglas Penick Paid Member

Encounters with death

Our Little Tragedy Clancy Martin Paid Member

A writer tours the charnel grounds of the contemporary world.

The Calligrapher’s Apprentice Master Guojun Paid Member

A Chan master looks back on the lessons his teacher imparted with brush, ink, and paper.

The Myth of the Historical Buddha Bernard Faure Paid Member

Is Shakyamuni more fiction than fact?

We Are Not One Thanissaro Bhikkhu Paid Member

Interdependence is not what you (and many others) may think.

Tricycle/Winter 2015 Vol. 25, Num. 2

Featured in this issue:

Beneath the Eyes of the Buddha Emily Strasser

Surveillance and self-immolation in Boudhanath

Memo to the Sangha Bobby Byrd Paid Member

Re: The Zendo Email List 

The Body as Battleground Douglas Penick Paid Member

Encounters with sickness 

The Good Fit Andrew Cooper Paid Member

A student's candid recollection of the intricacies of practice with one of the pioneer teachers of Zen in the West

Then Events Unfold Anne Doran

The art of Lee Mingwei 

Tricycle/Fall 2015 Vol. 25, Num. 1

Featured in this issue:

"Like Roaring Earth" Photography by Erin Trieb | Text Compiled by Emma Varvaloucas Paid Member

Stories of Nepal's earthquakes 

After the Future Kurt Spellmeyer Paid Member

Rediscovering the meaning of rebirth

My Father's True Nature Curtis White Paid Member

A story of harsh discovery and startling forgiveness

Taken Away and Given Douglas Penick Paid Member

Encounters in old age

Tricycle/Summer 2015 Vol. 24, Num. 4

Featured in this issue:

Among the Children of Wat Opot Gail Gutradt Paid Member

A volunteer finds sectarian strife—and personal healing—at an AIDS nonprofit in Cambodia. 

Expiration Date Shozan Jack Haubner Paid Member

Every story ends with a death sentence. But the story doesn't end there. 

Obsession and Madness on the Path to Enlightenment Scott Carney Paid Member

In pursuit of a story about the enigmatic death of a Buddhist retreatant, a writer risks his own mind as he digs into the heart of the mystery. 

Religion Resurrected Dale S. Wright Paid Member

A secular Buddhist, recoiling from the ills of both theism and atheism, suggests that we move beyond both. 

The World Is Made of Stories David Loy

Believing we've moved beyond religious myth, we mistake our culture's newest story for the world itself. 

Welcome to Ryohoji! Jolyon Baraka Thomas Paid Member

A Japanese Buddhist temple goes modern.