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Tricycle/Fall 2015 Vol. 25, Num. 1

Featured in this issue:

"Like Roaring Earth" Photography by Erin Trieb | Text Compiled by Emma Varvaloucas Paid Member

Stories of Nepal's earthquakes 

After the Future Kurt Spellmeyer Paid Member

Rediscovering the meaning of rebirth

My Father's True Nature Curtis White Paid Member

A story of harsh discovery and startling forgiveness

Taken Away and Given Douglas Penick

Encounters in old age

Tricycle/Summer 2015 Vol. 24, Num. 4

Featured in this issue:

Among the Children of Wat Opot Gail Gutradt Paid Member

A volunteer finds sectarian strife—and personal healing—at an AIDS nonprofit in Cambodia. 

Expiration Date Shozan Jack Haubner Paid Member

Every story ends with a death sentence. But the story doesn't end there. 

Obsession and Madness on the Path to Enlightenment Scott Carney Paid Member

In pursuit of a story about the enigmatic death of a Buddhist retreatant, a writer risks his own mind as he digs into the heart of the mystery. 

Religion Resurrected Dale S. Wright Paid Member

A secular Buddhist, recoiling from the ills of both theism and atheism, suggests that we move beyond both. 

The World Is Made of Stories David Loy

Believing we've moved beyond religious myth, we mistake our culture's newest story for the world itself. 

Welcome to Ryohoji! Jolyon Baraka Thomas Paid Member

A Japanese Buddhist temple goes modern. 

Tricycle/Spring 2015 Vol. 24, Num. 3

Featured in this issue:

A New Way Forward Linda Heuman

Buddhist tradition and modernity are in many ways incompatible. But one Western intellectual tradition may hold a key to bringing the two into meaningful dialogue.

On the Path with Thay Allan Badiner Paid Member

A longtime student reflects on 30 years with the Vietnamese master.

The "Inner Logic" of Other Power David Brazier Paid Member

The ego cannot achieve freedom from itself—something more is required.

Tricycle/Winter 2014 Vol. 24, Num. 2

Featured in this issue:

Life's Hidden Support Andrew Cooper Paid Member

Following his father's death, Tricycle's features editor reflects on the importance of our care for one another. 

Sea of Sorrow Ronna Kabatznick

On the eve of the 10th anniversary of the Indian Ocean Tsunami, a psychologist who volunteered to help survivors in Thailand recalls her staggering confrontation with death and considers how a Buddhist country coped with the truth of impermanence.

The Joy of No Sex Mary Talbot Paid Member

A lay practitioner reveals one of the most liberating decisions of her life: celibacy.

The Present Moment Jack Petranker Paid Member

The "present moment" is on everyone's lips nowadays. But do we really know what we mean by it? The philosophers of antiquity help us get underneath the cliché.

The Tie That Need Not Bind Rev. Patti Nakai Paid Member

Is Buddhism's teaching on nonattachment a directive to disengage from relationships? A Pure Land priest explains that in her tradition, it is impossible to awaken without them.

Under Your Skin Thanissaro Bhikkhu Paid Member

A Thai forest monk explains why a healthy body image is not what you think it is.