Tricycle/Spring 2012

Volume 21, Number 3

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dharma talk

  • Like the great Tibetan saint Milarepa, we can learn to face our fears with clarity and kindness.
    Aura Glaser



  • Why do we hold on to things we don’t need? A guide to clearing clutter and forming new habits
    Andrew Mellen
  • How learning about other Buddhist traditions will help you understand your own.
    Rita Gross
  • A Nine-Minute Daily Practice
    Joseph Goldstein
  • Why the relationship between Zen and art is neither as simple nor as obvious as this cliché implies
    Henry Shukman
  • Moving toward unconditional fulfillment and freedom
    Pamela Gayle White
  • Linda Heuman interviews pioneering scholar Charles Prebish
  • Three dharma practitioners share their stories of healing after a spiritual crisis.
    Edited by Noelle Oxenhandler



thus have i heard

  • Is morality built into the fabric of the natural world?
    Andrew Olendzki

on the cushion

  • Five sure-fire tips to get yourself on the cushion every day
    Brad Warner


parting words