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    A Zen garden emerges Paid Member

    In early April, after 110 straight days without precipitation, the residents, sangha, and guests of Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico gathered with Wendy Johnson, renowned gardener and lover of the wild and cultivated world, to plant a garden at the gate of our community. It was an act of attention and care in a time when climate change is all too apparent, when drought portends the summer’s extreme forest fires across Southwestern ecosystems. Martin Luther said, “Even if the world were to end tomorrow, today I would plant an apple tree.” We took great hope in the act of blessing for a world gone awry. It was an act of trust—a belief that in this moment we could create something beautiful, nourishing, and inspirational. More »
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    Green Koan Case 52: Yen-shou’s Sand Stupa Paid Member

    CASE #52:    Yen-shou’s Sand Stupa Master Yen-shou of Yung-ming once summarized for his students the Expedient Means chapter of the Lotus Sutra:  Even if you recite the buddha-name with a scattered mind or praise Buddha in a low voice, or scratch out a picture of the Buddha with your fingernail, or make a stupa out of a pile of sand, and thus gradually accumulate merit, all of you have achieved enlightenment. More »
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    Green Koan Case 51: Soen’s One World Paid Member

      CASE #51: Soen’s One World Soen Roshi wrote the following haiku: With Fuji in sightI pick young herbsthat world and this world BACKGROUND: More »
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    Train Your Mind: Don’t expect applause. Paid Member

    59. Don’t expect applause.Now that you have studied all these slogans, don’t expect anyone to congratulate you! In fact it is a good idea to look at how much we keep looking for recognition altogether. It can be embarrassing, but often, as soon as we do anything of note, it is as if we were little children at a playground shouting. “Watch me, mama! Look at me! Look what I can do!” And when whatever we have done is not acknowledged or recognized, how quickly we get puffy and upset. More »
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    Train Your Mind: Don’t be frivolous Paid Member

    58. Don’t be frivolous.To work with this slogan, it is necessary to look at how you spend your time, what you think about, and how your invest your energy. It is easy to fritter away your time in frivolous pursuits that do not lead anywhere. But living in this way is like eating junk food: it is ultimately unsatisfying. More »