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    Practicing at the Crossroads Paid Member

    Go back to the Tricycle | Buddhist Geeks page. Martine Batchelor was a nun in a Korean Buddhist monastery for 10 years, where she followed a traditional path of practice and exploration. We speak about her journey in becoming a nun, the rhythms of that life, the practices she undertook, and how she came to integrate—and deepen—the understanding she uncovered during her decade of training there. More »
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    Your Guide to the Online Buddhist Geeks Conference 2013 Paid Member

    Your Guide to the Online Buddhist Geeks Conference 2013 The Buddhist Geeks Conference is an annual in-person gathering exploring emergent trends relevant to practitioners in the 21st century, as well as for those interested in what Buddhism offers their particular fields of knowledge.  This August, Tricycle is teaming up with Buddhist Geeks to explore the interplay of Buddhism and technology. As part of this partnership, Tricycle will be livestreaming the entire event from August 16th - 18th, as well as showing videos of the best speakers and panel discussions from past Buddhist Geeks conferences throughout the month of August. You can buy tickets to the livestream here. More »
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    How to Read an Empty Blackboard Paid Member

    The bathrooms are first. I edit the opinions, critiques, quotations, confessions, cartoons, entreaties, and general philosophies limned the night before. That’s my job. Clean up the walls at the restaurant. All four walls of two unisex bathrooms. They are blackboard walls, with sticks of colored chalk sitting in a thin trough just above the old cedar wainscoting. More »
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    Birds, Beasts, Blossoms, and Bugs Paid Member

      Drenched azure, bunched and hung.  Sea-grapes poised to become sea-wine,vinegar if love is unrequited.  Trellis to shadeboth coq and coquette,his tail a fury of feathers, waterfall-white.The red comb curls forward; glinting threatof golden spur.  He will tame her,though she hides behind fans of wings,kimono sleeves of wings. The question posed, now all between themis a test, pas de deux of sense and patience.   —after the painting “Rooster and Hen Before Hydrangeas” by Itō Jakuchū, 1716-1800, Japan             More »
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    The Examined Life Paid Member

    I address you now not as your professor, but as Seido, Rinzai Zen monk, caretaker of Hokoku-An Zendo. The semester has come to an end. When I look out at you I see 30 people. When you look at me you see one. But for each one of you I am a different professor. There are 30 different versions of me standing before you in this classroom. It is my job to create a relationship of sorts with each and every one of you. I do that by reading your journals and your papers, by observing how you are in class, whether or not you come prepared, whether or not you take notes, how often you text, and how often you nod off. I’m like Santa Claus. I see you when you’re sleeping and I know when you’re awake; I know when you’re taking notes and when you’re checking your Facebook page. More »