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    Buddhist Climate Action Organizations Paid Member

    United States 1. Aloka ViharaPlacerville, CA 95667(530) 647-8262info@sranaloka.orgAyya Santacitta, Ayya AnandabodhiTheravada Forest Tradition 2. Earth Care Group of Dharma ZephyrInsight Meditation CommunityCarson City, NV 89702(775) 303-2562annemacquarie@gmail.comAnne MacquarieTheravada 3. Green Dragon Earth InitiativeZen Center of New York CityBrooklyn, NY 11217(718) 875-8229zcnyc@mro.orgLorna MasonZen 4. Green SanghaOakland, CA 94620(510) 532-6574info@greensangha.orgLinda CurrieMulti-tradition More »
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    Tricycle Talks: A Life Too Long Paid Member

    Tricycle Talks: Now on iTunes More »
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    Tricycle Talks: Buddhism & Psychotherapy Paid Member

    Tricycle Talks: Now in iTunes In the debut episode of Tricycle Talks, contributing editor Amy Gross speaks with practicing psychiatrist Mark Epstein on Buddhism and psychotherapy. Epstein emphasizes that there is dukkha (suffering) in every place at every time, and that psychotherapeutic practices can help alleviate this suffering. Epstein's new book, The Trauma of Everyday Life, also explores this topic. More »
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    Awake Youth Paid Member

    Awake Youth Project, run by Brookly Zen Center in partnership with Brooklyn College Community Partnership, brings mindfulness and meditation programs to Brooklyn youth. Learn more here. More »
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    A Mindfulness of Thinking Meditation Practice Paid Member

    During the recent forest fire in Idyllwild, my wife Jacquelin and I had to evacuate. We took our newly adopted rescue dog, a female red chow we named Tashi, and headed out to the coast. Of the many offers of places to stay for the duration of the fire, we decided to go to my 78-year-old uncle Bob and his wife Barbara at their home in Camarillo. More »
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    Consider the Seed: Behind the Art Paid Member

    With the simple gift of a brass telescope, artist Rob Kesseler became fascinated with our cellular world. Kesseler photographs and colors microscopic plant materials, creating beautifully intricate images. He counts on an intense microscope that uses electron particles beamed across each specimen, resulting in high magnification and definition. Some of these pieces of art require over fifty frames per image. This tedium comes from a deep passion. Notes Kesseler, "Really, I'm sharing my passion for the plant world, and encouraging everyone to use the lenses in their own eyes to see what I see, and to celebrate the fragile world that we live in." Kesseler's artwork is featured in our Fall 2013 article, Consider the Seed.  More »