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    Be Here When? Paid Member

    A special section on time. The Experience of Change: Interview with H.H. the Dalai Lama The Voyage: An Opera by Philip Glass Being Time Through Deep Time by Taigen Dan Leighton 13th Century Zen Master Dogen on Being Time A Story for Sophie by Will Bennetti Einstein's Dreams by Alan Lightman More »
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    Time and Now Paid Member

    How could it be that the Buddha's enlightenment occurred simultaneously with all beings? Didn't this event happen a long time ago? And if it already happened, where is it now? Doesn't "all beings" include us? More »
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    Einstein's Dreams Paid Member

    27 June 1905 Every Tuesday, a middle­ aged man brings stones from the quarry east of Berne to the masonry on Hodlerstrasse. He has a wife, two children grown and gone, a tubercular brother who lives in Berlin. He wears a gray wool coat in all seasons, works in the quarry until after dark, has dinner with his wife and goes to bed, tends his garden on Sundays. And on Tuesday mornings, he loads his truck with stones and comes to town. More »
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    A Story for Sophie Paid Member

    Can you really just see?” the Theravada monk had asked. “Can you just listen?” We had gathered on the porch of a farmhouse in upstate New York. The weekend retreat had ended and a dozen of us sat with the orange-robed Bhante from Sri Lanka sipping tea in the early spring sun. Sophie, a college student like myself, had complained of the tedious "labeling" in the Vipassana practice as a technique for paying attention. And so the monk had challenged her. "Try it," he had said. "Try right now, for one minute only to just be, no labeling, no 'you' watching your breath. No 'rising, rising of the abdomen,' no 'falling, falling of the abdomen,' nothing, just being. Right here. Right now. Forget one minute. Ten seconds. Try it for ten seconds. All of you. No labeling, but no thinking." More »
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    13th Century Zen Master Dogen on Being Time Paid Member

    An ancient Buddha said: For the time being stand on top of the highest peak.For the time being proceed along the bottom of the deepest ocean.For the time being three heads and eight arms. For the time being an eight-or sixteen-foot body. For the time being a staff or whisk.For the time being a pillar or lantern.For the time being the sons of Zhang and Li.For the time being the earth and sky. More »
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    Being Time Through Deep Time Paid Member

    Our experience and understanding of time are vitally in need of revision in the current post-nuclear era. The large quantity of nuclear waste accumulated by nuclear power and nuclear weapons production since Hiroshima constitutes an unparalleled peril to our species and our world, due not only to its deadly toxicity, but to its inconceivable longevity. Even if the creation of new nuclear waste were to miraculously cease, the already existing poison poses urgent long­ term problems. More »