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    The First Teachings Paid Member

    THE FIRST TIME I heard my Buddhist teachers explain the Four Noble Truths—beginning  with "life is dukkha" (unsatisfying, painful by its very nature, unreliable even when it is pleasant because it is always  changing)—I thought, "They're telling the truth. These people are talking about exactly what I'm worried about. They know what the real problem is. And they promise a solution." More »
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    What Is Enlightenment? Paid Member

    SHUNRYU SUZUKI ROSHI (1904-1971), founder of Zen Center San Francisco and author of Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind, was known to discourage questions about enlightenment. Once, when pressed on the subject, he replied, What do you want to know for? You may not like it. —Suzuki Roshi Image: The characters for "beginner's mind" in calligraphy by Suzuki Roshi, courtesy of Weatherhill Inc. More »
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    I've Been Meditating for Ten Years, and I'm Still Angry. What's the Matter with Me? Paid Member

    WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH YOU? You're angry! If you are angry and you meditate to get rid of your anger, you will only frustrate yourself. Meditate because you are angry, not to eliminate it. Thich Nhar Hanh says we must learn how to hold anger like a baby: we need to learn how to be angry, not how to express or repress it. Whenever we take any emotion and make it into an It (as in "I can't stand it any longer" or "I have to get it out of my system"), we are in trouble. More »
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    What Is Karma? Paid Member

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    Do Thoughts Ever Stop? Paid Member

    THE BUDDHA ADVISED his bhikkhus (ordained followers), "Bhikkhus, when you have assembled together you should do one of two things—have dhamma discussions or observe noble silence." Noble silence is the state of mind where there are no thoughts. The mind is totally silent. But thoughts can be stopped only if we train our mind to do so through correct meditation practice. More »