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    My Technology, My Self Paid Member

    “Can technology set you free?” That was the question posed as the theme of a two-hour long “Battle of Ideas” by a British organization called, appropriately enough, the Institute of Ideas. The “Battle” failed to resolve the question, which should hardly have been surprising. The question has, in one form or another, been debated for centuries, and there was no reason to think it would be resolved on a chilly November evening in 21st-century London. More »
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    The Buddhist Geek Paid Member

    You’ve suggested that contemplation is becoming an information technology. What do you mean by that? I was at the South by Southwest Interactive Technology Conference last year, and I heard the technologist and inventor Ray Kurzweil point out that genetics became an information technology when the human genome was mapped and could then be understood in terms of digital information, mostly through the four base pairs of DNA. Since then, DNA has actually even become a digital storage medium; people are storing information in DNA. More »
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    Special Section: Buddhism & Technology Paid Member

    This August, Tricycle is teaming up with Buddhist Geeks to explore the interplay of Buddhism and technology. We thought there was no better way to prepare for the event than to feature a series of articles exploring the impact of technology on our perceptions of Buddhist art, history, and practice. We begin the section with the Buddhist Geek himself, Vincent Horn, who has spent nearly a decade reflecting on how Buddhism and technology have been shaping each other. We like to think of this special section as an opportunity to initiate a conversation with our readers about the future of Buddhism and the effect that technology has on its dissemination and on our understanding of the dharma.   More »
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    Buddhist Death Rites Paid Member

    Hey, noble one! Now you have arrived at what is called “death.” You are going from this world to the beyond. You are not alone; it happens to everyone. You must not indulge in attachment and insistence on this life. Though you are attached and you insist, you have no power to stay, you will not avoid wandering in the life cycle. Do not lust! Do not cling! Be mindful of the Three Jewels! More »
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    The Last Gift Paid Member

    Ajahn Chah recorded the following talk at the request of one of his students, whose mother was on her deathbed. The student had expected no more than a few words for his mother, but instead Ajahn Chah offered an extended message of consolation, encouragement, and meditation instruction for the mother and the whole family. Now, Grandma, set your heart on listening respectfully to the dhamma, which is the teaching of the Buddha. While I’m teaching you the dhamma, be as attentive as if the Buddha himself were sitting right in front of you. Close your eyes and set your heart on making your mind one. Bring the Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha into your heart as a way of showing the Buddha respect. More »