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    A Resource Roundup for the Cybersangha Paid Member

    "There's nothing lonelier than a Buddhist in Alabama" is the kind of comment I hear from many Buddhists who live in outlying regions of North America where their sangha is small or nonexistent and information about Buddhist practice and philosophy is scarce. By tapping into computer networks, however, geographic isolation can be overcome. This rapidly expanding "cybersangha" provides support and community for Buddhists around the world. From your home, you can now send a message to anyone (who has a computer, a modem, and a telephone line) within seconds, and usually at the cost of a local phone call. More »
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    3-D Dharma Paid Member

    The graduate students and faculty in the program of computer graphics at Cornell University are slowly but surely developing the means to generate photographically real images of architectural spaces that don't exist. "We write software that can function the way a camera does," explains senior research staff member James Ferwerda. "Our aim is to show exactly how a building would look if it were built." More »
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    Comparative Illusions Paid Member

    Compassion and empathy are vital as strategies for achieving anything of value in the future; they also constitute of and in themselves the reason why the future is worthwhile. The question is, Can you ever do anything to influence someone's level of empathy and compassion? I'm really not sure. One of the interesting things about Buddhism is the notion that certain types of practice, which are on the face of them value neutral, can actually lead to the development of compassion. On a social level, it seems that media technologies, with their McLuhanesque properties, might very well be our collective "practice." More »
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    Mitchell Kapor Paid Member

    Mitchell Kapor is the designer of the most widely used computer program in the world, Lotus 1-2-3; the co-founder of Lotus Development Corporation; and the co-founder and co-chair of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a not-for-profit organization designed to develop policies to protect democracy and civil liberties on the electronic superhighway. Kapor has pioneered efforts to create dialogues among policymakers, law enforcement officials, programmers, and big business interests in an attempt to civilize the electronic frontier. His work ranges from overseeing projects to make available digital voice, data, and video services at affordable rates to appearances before Congress to testify on intellectual property law and the future of the public telephone network. More »
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    Digital Dharma Paid Member

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    Won't it be Grand? Paid Member

    Predictions are great fun because no one can say for sure that you're wrong. Not yet. With that freedom, I would rather err on the side of raging optimism. Buddhists know that, in whatever direction the mind is pointed, sooner or later it will go there. With that thought, I behold the future glory of Vajrayana in America. More »