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    Keeping Zen Alive Paid Member

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    Buddhism by the Numbers Paid Member

    WHEN YOU think of the words "American Buddhist," what do you see? Someone white, middle-aged, no kids? An adult convert from Protestantism? Someone with a graduate degree, living in the western United States? The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life's "2008 U.S. Religious Landscape Survey," released in late February, may provide some new clues about what American Buddhists are like. The Pew Forum conducted more than 35,000 telephone surveys with adult respondents, 0.7% of whom identified themselves as Buddhist. More »
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    Salute to Buddhism Paid Member

    The U.S. Air Force Academy's Protestant Chapel, home of the Vast Refuge Dharma Hall Chapel.  ON A MONDAY morning in late October 2007, six United States Air Force Academy cadets gathered in a small room below the iconic aluminum spires of the Academy's Protestant Chapel to arrange incense, flowers, votive candles, and bowls of pure water for the coming ceremony. Soon, two dozen attendees to the dedication of the Vast Refuge Dharma Hall Chapel, the first space on an American military base dedicated solely to meditation, would remove their shoes to avoid scuffing the floor and enter humbly, speaking in hushed tones—the beauty of the room calling for a certain solemnity. More »
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    Building the Perfect Buddha Paid Member

    “EVERY DAY I work like this takes five days off my life," grumbled the worker amid a cloud of fiberglass and marble dust as he scoured the bottom of a colossal head of Vairocana Buddha with a power sander. Later that day a large crane hoisted the enormous head onto the torso, completing the 45-foot sculpture. The monumental statue—the largest of its kind in Europe or North America—will form the centerpiece of a new five-million dollar Great Buddha Hall at Chuang Yen Monastery, a Chinese Pure Land Buddhist center located in a forested area of Putnam County in southern New York State. When completed, the Great Buddha Hall will reach an apex of over 70 feet, enclose nearly 24,000 square feet, and seat a capacity of 2,000 devotees. Eventually to be surrounded by a walkway and a moat with foot bridges, the temple must be built around the monumental sculpture of Vairocana. More »
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    Zen Cowboys: Teacherless Sanghas in Middle America Paid Member

    After he sits zazen on Tuesday evenings, Gordon MacKenzie of Kettering, Ohio, gets up from his zafu cushion, dials California, and dons a headset connected to his phone. He then returns to his cushion, resumes a cross-legged position, and speaks with his teacher in a ritual that has become modern America’s variation on an ancient Zen tradition: dokuphone. More »